Finney Wins Collect.Social Vote! 🎉

A massive congratulations to our fantastic community! Together we were able to take home the title in the latest round of Collect Social voting period.

Finney came out on top with a whopping 407574 votes, second place was ‘Bad Days’ at 63338 votes!


We really do appreciate everyone’s support throughout the voting period but there can only be three winners!

1st Place: Loslakers with 115,000 votes, taking home the Caveman Finney!

2nd Place: Albeit_J with 105,000 votes, securing the bag with 5 Genesis Finney Coins

3rd Place: DoctorPoon with 84,000 votes, copping the 2 Genesis Finney Coins

We would also like to give a huge shoutout to close contenders and huge supporters; Siferdub, Cuanheato, Devbot, and Marco Gonzalez!

What now?

Soon you will be able to complete ‘collections’ of Cryptowriter NFT’s. By completing these sets you will be rewarded by Collect Social with Cryptocurrency, which you can cash out.

Thanks again everyone for your support, The Cryptowriter team 💖