Cryptowriter looks to provide a compelling experience that will not only keep readers informed, but will expand their minds in the process.

Written by Sean Ballent - Co-Founder and COO of The Writer Company

The system is breaking. Journalists and local news are going extinct. The media is choosing sides, turning up the volume, and accelerating from the truth in opposite directions. Many aren’t equipped to filter through the avalanche of noise.

Over the last decade, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have made us their junkies. They’ve used us. Harvesting vast amounts of our data, we’ve become puppets of their narrative. And without better options, we just keep coming back for that next hit. The rip currents of algorithms and misinformation are pulling us out past the breakers, into uneasy and uncharted depths.

Blockchain is the answer. It’s really that simple. Blockchain has the potential to hit the reset button and level the playing field. A disruptive force that will bring transparency and accountability to our world. Blockchain has the power to bank the unbanked, lift people, and align societies.

Sadly this isn’t the “blockchain” the media projects. Instead, they focus on clickbait, alarmism, and vanity metrics, with sensationalized headlines like “Exec Predicts $318,000 Bitcoin by Next December” and “DeFi Crash 2020: Is it really the end?” By selling out and playing with our emotions, the major crypto media outlets do their part to feed a bubble of uncertainty, driving much of the stigma that surrounds the industry. This form of sleazy coverage presents a considerable hindrance to blockchain adoption.

When Kenny Lienhard and I set off to create the crypto publication Cryptowriter, we wanted to deliver something genuine to the space. Our vision was to leverage the power of community and blockchain to deliver meaningful content that could be heard above the fruitless noise.

In order to get Cryptowriter off the ground, we went out and recruited a diverse team of crypto community experts on the basis that they would be empowered with the freedom to write about the things they’re passionate about. We were surprised and humbled by the quality of people willing to take a leap of faith and join us on our mission. The result, a vibrant set of perspectives that are continuously exploring the ways blockchain is having a real impact on society and throughout our world. Over the last few months, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Community matters.

Communities and blockchain matter in similar ways. They are reliable and can bring a sense of order to things when the surrounding world becomes disjointed. Let’s face it, we humans are in a bit of a rut. We spend 7 hours a day staring at screens, flipping through feeds in search of that hit of digital dopamine. We’ve never been more connected, in more ways, but at the same time more divided. It’s about the quality of those connections. When one becomes dependent on algorithms to dictate what they consume, they acquire a convoluted sense of reality and purpose. Communities provide quality connections and a sense of being to those within. Blockchains are trustworthy and keep us grounded.

The future is always uncertain, but blockchain’s isn’t. The revolutionary tech has taken root and will help us to cut through the noise and realign the world we live in. But like any disruptive technology, blockchain is only as powerful as the communities, people, and perspectives that drive it.