Earn DAPP on Defibox in 6 Steps

When you deposit EOS-DAPP into the liquidity pool on Defibox, you’ll receive BOXGK tokens. These tokens represent your share of the liquidity pool. You’ll earn DAPP and BOX tokens in accordance with your share of the pool. The initial mining rate is roughly 88%+ APY. This APY is projected to decrease as the pool grows over time. The LP is estimated to increase 5-times its initial size before the 60-day period ends. The APY, then, would flatten-out near 18% APY. You’re incentivized to enter to pool early to gain max rewards.

6 Steps to Start Earning DAPP Rewards on Defibox:

  1. Visit Defibox and click the Market tab.

  2. Search DAPP and the EOS-DAPP pair will show-up.

  3. Click the EOS-DAPP pair and then choose Add Liquidity.

  4. Confirm the amount of liquidity you’d like to add.

  5. Your new BOXGK tokens represent your LP share.

  6. Click the Mining tab to claim rewards.

You can see how many BOX and DAPP tokens you’re earning in real time:

Check out Defibox Support for assistance while providing DAPP liquidity.