Earn NFTs by engaging with our content!!! 🤩

Here at The Writer Company, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to reward our community. To coincide with the launch of our Cryptowriter Publication Network: Cryptowriter, NFTwriter, EOSwriter, BTCwriter, and ETHwriter we’ve developed a variety of ways for you to become involved and earn some Cryptowriter NFTs!

1. Comment of the Week

We want YOU to join the conversation. We’ll be rewarding high-quality, well-thought-out comments which add value to our community. Whether you are in favor or opposing the author’s viewpoint, we want to hear your opinion. A total of 52 NFTs / publication will be minted, giving us an entire year worth of NFTs to reward our community with.

2. Top 3 Most Engaged Users of the Week

Each of our publications provide us with detailed analytics, allowing us to see exactly who in our community is the most active and engaged. Likes, comments, and shares will all be taken into account. Genesis Finney Coin NFTs will be used to reward the top 3 most engaged users of each publication / week.

3. Where’s Finney?

Word on the street is that Finney will be hiding his NFTs within our Cryptowriter articles! No one knows how many he will drop, what NFTs they will be, or when he’ll drop them…

Finney NFT

4. Cryptowriter Membership Cards

And finally, we’ll be personally reaching out to engaged community members who we see engaging over ALL our social media accounts to reward them with the one and only Cryptowriter Membership NFT card. This unique NFT entitles you to a lifetime of NFT airdrops from us. Learn more about it here.

All this sounds great but where do I start?

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