Eden on Eos, the Democracy of Democracies

Full disclosure, I am not a member of the current Eden OS EOS community, and I was not paid by them to do this video, the opinions expressed in this article are that of my own, and may, or may not reflect the opinions of current Eden EOS members.

Since the dawn of time, mankind is always struggled with how to rule one's own community, whether it be through the autocratic dictatorial method of top-down leadership, that leaves little freedom for individuals at the bottom. Or outright direct democracies that came later in civilizations like the Athenians of Athens Greece, which often devolved into dictatorship of the 51% with the majority, often voting itself excessive benefits from the public treasury, and was more often than not, prone to demagoguery. As time marches on mankind has created increasingly more sophisticated forms of governance, sometimes taking massive leaps forwards, as well as more often than not, significant steps backwards. 

In this video article, I intend to go over, Daniel Larimer’s post called “EOS Governance Draft Proposal Part 2” and give you my opinion on why I believe, when all is said and done, that Eden-OS may turn out to be, the killer application of blockchain, links to the original article will be in the description below, OK now let's get started.


For those of you that are interested the full article link will be in the description below, I encourage everyone to read Dan larimer's book “more equal animals” to get a better understanding of his reasoning of why certain measures and things are necessary, if one hopes to have a properly functioning democratic community. Eden OS on EOS, is currently just a process, but this process will be incorporated into code, that will operate on top of the EOS main-net blockchain eventually, I presume.  In my opinion, this has the potential to bring immense value into EOS main-net, anytime there is a collective of human beings wishing to operate collectively towards common goals.

There will always be a need for governance, governance within the blockchain world today seems to have negative connotations attached to it, considering that most of us look to decentralization as a means to escape traditional overbearing governments of the world, especially within the financial sectors. But the problem is not government in and of itself, but more so what form a particular government takes and how it chooses its leaders, as well as enforces it’s will, and arguably how it keeps from becoming coopted bye entities that do not reflect the will of the governed.  The grand experiment of Eden OS potentially could solve this problem, and if it does, this more than anything else, has the potential to be the shot heard around the world for the entire blockchain industry. A crypto democracy of democracies could be, in and of itself the long sought-after mythical killer application of blockchain, but ultimately only time will tell.

To all EOS holders, the killer application of blockchain, may have just arrived.