Engagement Rewards 101

Trying to get your hands on some of the best NFT’s in the space? Here’s a lil intro to our community and how to score some dope NFT rewards.

Other than buying them on the Atomichub secondary market we reward community members who engage with us online.

I’m going to give you a quick 101 on how to get your grubby mitts on some of these juicy, fresh, burnable Finney Coins, for FREE.

How would you like to earn $100 USD with your morning coffee?

Each week we give away 10 Genesis Finney Coins to community members who engage with our blogs via comments, likes, and shares.

A further 5 limited edition Cryptowriter publication NFTs are rewarded for high-quality comments. We’re looking for insight, understanding, and thoughtfulness in these comments. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic, we just want to spark honest, meaningful discussions.

“Right, but that sounds like a lot of work and not really my style…

We got you! Maybe Duck Races, Poker or Trivia nights are more up your alley?

Duck races happen on our live podcast streams, our guy Adam Carswell is a pro at these, he gives away bulk NFTs almost every other day!

The lads in the chat love a game of poker, it gets competitive so make sure you bring your poker face. We’ve got to keep you on your toes so these games pop up regularly but unexpectedly.

Trivia Nights! Well, this is new…

Trivia nights will happen once a week and there will be coins to be won. Questions will be based on the week’s podcasts and blogs so you best bring some headphones and reading glasses to work from now on!

Expect to see Trivia on Sundays at 6pm AEST time the first round of trivia will be held next weekend.

If you like the idea of earning some cash with your morning coffee join our telegram here to keep up to date!