EOSTARTER Launches to Incubate EOS Innovation

+ a special EOSTARTER "Between the Blocks" interview w/ Chaney Moore

Development on EOS is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Responding to needs in the community, EOSTARTER is launching to incubate projects built on EOS. Hernan Arber is the founder and CEO of EOSTARTER. He's also the founder of EOS Israel and former director of mobile engineering at Voice. Here's how Arber describes the new venture:

"The idea behind EOSTARTER is to build a platform that is powered by the community (active EOS community members), governed by the community (by increasingly leveraging Eden on EOS), and for the benefit of the community (only projects committed to building on the EOS Mainnet will be considered by EOSTARTER)."

Arber goes on to describe three pillars of the platform:

  1. Provide unique opportunities to all the members of our community

  2. Provide maximum value to our teams, participants, and investors

  3. Build and cultivate a long-term thriving Investor Community

Community Need

There are many challenges associated with developing a project on EOS. There are obvious and hidden costs. There are issues with governance and regulatory compliance. Some projects may find it difficult to navigate the decentralized EOS community or market their offerings to the public. These and other challenges are barriers to development on EOS.

At the same time, major players in the ecosystem aren't stepping in to incubate promising ventures directly. Their focus lies elsewhere, as do their core responsibilities. Given what the technology is capable of, there should be a torrent of new projects on the EOS mainnet. Instead, there is a trickle. If it were easier for new projects to successfully launch, the ecosystem would more easily grow to live up to its potential.

Comprehensive Solutions

EOSTARTER aims to provide comprehensive solutions to the problems encountered by projects building on EOS. It's also putting community governance front-and-center, bringing Eden on EOS into the conversation from the beginning. This governance focus puts EOSTARTER in a unique position to be appropriately responsive to the community it serves. The platform aims to constructively organize the decentralized EOS community, turning the best ideas into projects that benefit everyone.

The EOSTARTER platform offers everything a project might need to thrive. Strategic advisory services and an initial kick-start investment get things going. Assistance with development and regulatory compliance assures everything stays on track. Help with public awareness and community engagement makes it easier for projects to integrate with the larger ecosystem they're a part of. And governance tools make projects easier to fairly manage.

Along with this service suite, EOSTARTER will use possession of the $TART token as a tool to offer pre-sale and discounted project token pricing. The platform will also offer discounted token rates through a 'Syndicate Sales' program. Along with these incentives, EOSTARTER will solve a problem that plagues the development ecosystem by establishing cross-chain liquidity pools. To top it all off, the platform is committed to reinvesting its success back into the EOS community.

The full details of the $TART token have yet to be released. Still, its use in a mechanism for discounting project tokens is intriguing. The prospect of buying new project tokens at cut-rate prices may incentivize investors to pay more attention to EOS. And, as projects mature and investment deepens, exchanges may become incentivized to list more EOS tokens.

Filling a Void

Incubators are an established and important part of the tech world. Until now, there has been an incubator-shaped void in the EOS space. EOSTARTER fills that void, then goes further by embracing equitable governance. Hernan Arber has a solid reputation and is well-equipped to run the show. He seems trustworthy enough to do so in a way that serves the EOS community. Overall, EOSTARTER appears perfectly placed to incubate EOS projects. It will be exciting to watch these projects flourish.

Check out Hernan’s “Between the Blocks” EOSTARTER interview with Chaney Moore.





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