UPDATE 2: The missing funds are safe and will be returned to depositors.

UPDATE 1: Here’s an article detailing the attack.

1,180,142.5653 EOS and 461,796.8968 USDT have disappeared from the flash loan system EOSX vault. The loss of funds apparently occurred as a result of a reentry attack code exploit on the vaults.sx smart contract. A white hat may have been responsible for this hack. EOS Nation is offering a 100,000 USDT reward to this mysterious hacker, payable after the stolen funds have been returned to the vaults.sx contract.

Importantly, there were no contract updates leading up to the hack. Nor have the funds yet been moved to an exchange. All parties are advised not to send additional funds to the EOSX vault. A user named rektkid_ reported losing $25k to this hack on Twitter. Will update as more information becomes available.