MetaMask: 101

Prepare for Finney on ETH, September 25th

Did you hear the news? Finney is about to tackle OpenSea and the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to be prepared, follow this step by step guide to Metamask.

We found this easy to follow guide from @hodldogofficial on YouTube and thought it was too good not to share. Don’t forget to smash the like button and let him know Finney sent you.

Now that you’ve got yourself a MetaMask wallet you’re going to need to get yourself some Ethereum, make sure you purchase enough ETH to cover the cost of your NFT as well as the gas fees included to process the transaction. Thankfully our friend @hodldogofficial has a video on that too..

Finally you aught to know about the burn mechanics of Finney on ETH. You’re going to be able to upgrade your Finney’s, as you’ve seen before. You can now burn any 3 Finney’s and land yourself an ETH BareMetal Finney which will be 1 of 6 rarities.

Burning two BareMetal Finney’s will land you a surprise… If you’re going to try get yourself that surprise Finney you’ll need a total of 0.36 ETH + the suggested gas fees.

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