MyWish Took My EOS and Failed to Deliver - Solved

UPDATE: MyWish customer support got back to me and said the problem on their website was due to a Scatter update. They walked me through issuing the tokens using Anchor and It worked! You can now see RSTORY on

Creating a custom EOS token is surprisingly difficult. Even though there's a eosio.token contract built right into EOS, successfully deploying this contract on the network is impossible using the tools available to an average person. MyWish is a website that that offers custom crypto token services, including EOS token creation. The cost of utilizing this service ranges from $199.00 to $299.00, payable only in MyWish branded tokens, which may be purchased on the platform using a variety of coins.

Recently, I bought a crypto project called Rstory from a company I used to work for. The project was dead and I hoped to give it new life. My plan for how to do this began with creating an EOS version of Rstory. After doing some research, it seemed like MyWish could make that happen. The instructional videos on the site made it look simple.

MyWish Problems

Setting up an account on MyWish was easy. So was filling out their token creation form and completing payment. The problems began when I pressed the button to deploy my contract. Instead of deploying, the contract got stuck in a 'waiting for deployment' state. MyWish customer support told me on Telegram that contracts usually deploy within 20 minutes. For reasons that were never made clear, mine took 24 hours.

This delay was a minor inconvenience. But it was prelude to a much bigger problem. Once the contract was deployed, I tried to mint my tokens and could not. There's a button to mint tokens on the contract in my MyWish account, yet pushing this button currently does nothing. Seriously, the 'mint' button is just for show.

Visiting to verify that my token was indeed created, I was greeted with a 404 error. This is notable because this is the URL MyWish links to in the token contract they created on my behalf. MyWish customer support said that their developers are looking into it. They didn't offer an explanation or timeline for when the error might be corrected. It's been several days and I still can't mint my tokens.

At this point, the service I paid for just plain wasn't delivered. And it seems at least possible that some error of MyWish could also prevent me from using RSTORY as a symbol on EOS in the future if it turns out they can't fix the problem and I have to find another way to make my token. Which would be a much bigger issue for me than the loss of 67 EOS, which I paid MyWish on July 22.

As far as I can tell, MyWish is a reputable company with a great service suite. Given how comprehensive their offerings are, I was considering hiring them for other tasks related to my Rstory project once my token was made, such as the development of a cross-chain swap contract. Unfortunately, my confidence in this company has been greatly diminished. My wish is for MyWish to win back my confidence.

The MyWish Telegram group has over 8k members. The group isn't overwhelmed by complaints, so problems like mine may not be too common. However, 67 EOS isn't a trivial sum. And messing up the creation of a custom EOS token isn't a trivial matter.

If and when MyWish fixes the problems with my custom Rstory token, I'll update this article to reflect it.