Vote for Cryptowriter on Collect.Social!

Want to win this super rare Caveman Finney NFT? How about 5 Finney Coins? If so, read on!

Cryptowriter has been nominated as a competitor for the Collect Social voting period. Winning this will add extra utility to our NFT’s and our community of collectors will benefit nicely. Why? Because completing collections on Collect Social rewards you with Racoons!

Racoons are the currency that Collect Social use to collect votes, they use this same currency to reward collectors, meaning you can cash out your earnings similar to how R-Planet works. Sounding juicy now, right?

We’re asking for your support, here’s what you can do to help and be in the running to win one of these prizes…

Prize Pool

1st Place: Limited Edition mint #2 of only 3 Themed ‘Caveman Finney’ NFTs. Only 3 of these NFTs have been minted and will ever exist!

2nd Place: Five Genesis Finney Coins

3rd Place: Two Genesis Finney Coins

How to help

Follow the steps below to Vote for Cryptowriter on Collect Social, the top three voters will win these wicked prizes! (Make sure to leave the TX record in the comments on this blog so we can identify you!)

Step. 1: Purchase Racoon Tokens with WAX

  1. Visit the Alcor Exchange here

  2. Login to your WAX Wallet and search for the Racoon/WAX exchange

  3. Exchange your chosen amount of WAX For Racoon tokens

Step. 2: Vote for Cryptowriter

  1. Go to the Collect Social website here

  2. Select Cryptowriter and press the ‘VOTE’ button

  3. Add the amount of Racoons you want to vote with and confirm.

  4. Leave the transaction record in the comments below. For example:

Please note: You do not get your Racoon tokens back after voting ends, they are burnt.

We appreciate everyone’s support, if you need help please reach out in the Telegram group chat!