We are pushing Finney's launch on Ethereum back to the 25th.


The launch of Finney on Ethereum is much bigger than just Finney himself. Our team has secretly been working on something… 

Innovating off the success of ArtBlocks, we’re launching a generative art platform, called GenDrops. If you haven’t heard of ArtBlocks it’s a generative art platform on Ethereum which allows artists to utilize its tech stack without having to hire a dev to develop the code. It has generated $900M USD in trading volume since its inception and has zero market competition.

GenDrops will take the concept of ArtBlocks and open it up to the masses, while also adding a host of new innovative features.

  • Curated and Open GenDrops contracts.

  • Pre-sale card for curated projects. (UNDRGRND card)

  • Multi-project collab drops.

  • Blend/dynamic backgrounds.

  • Upgrade/burn mechanisms.

  • ProjectID system similar to templates on AtomicAssets.

  • Multi-contract system.

  • All optimized for gas efficiency.

We think it is important for Finney to be the first project launched on the GenDrops contracts and we need an extra week to develop the multi-contract features and thoroughly test them. Having Finney run on GenDrops will open him up to a world of future possibilities while also remaining gas efficient.

Along with GenDrops, we’ve also been working on a new publication focused solely on NFTs called UNDRGRND. The publication will be accompanied by an NFT card giving holders early access to curated GenDrops (including Finney), and the potential of future discounts and increased batch purchase limits. The UNDRGRND publication will be live within the next few days, with the card following soon thereafter.

We really appreciate everyone’s support and patience, our community has been amazing and we can not wait to show you all what we’ve been working on!