"The Ego Is The Enemy" 100% True

I have Experienced A Bad Behavior from a Person who was really arrogant (He Is famous for showing off Things Everytime )

I also bought Bitcoin for a good price and i Can surely say that i never talked with other's in a wrong way or didn't helped them to know about BTC.

My only aim is to make more and more People know about Bitcoin so that they can also step in the Life Changing Market.

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Point 4 is super important to build up your BTC stack!!!

If you truly believe in Bitcoin you shouldn't care about the price.

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This was a non common, but pretty amazing reading.

I’ve never stopped to analyze Bitcoin to something as the Stoics, but you did it flawlessly.

Congrats !!!

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"Focus on the process, no outcomes" This has been the key for my dive into crypto, the profit comes with the process.

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Stoics are gentlemen and much like a gentleman, the term and meaning faded away. A little bit more flexibility wouldn't hurt because you might end up like Eddard :)

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All 10 rules are great and really true.

I've been thinking about some of this in my head, but I've never seen such an article.

thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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