Bear market bull market is chewing gum in people's mouths. Even when Bitcoin is 60k, the bear market is coming down 2%, bitcoin crashed. News was coming out. At first I was afraid of them, and now I know.

Some people's duty is to spread fear. Only fear inoculates people. He always sets the worst-case scenario. You shouldn't listen to these people. We have to learn for ourselves and do our own analysis.

Fibonacci is very important. Who is Fibonacci for the first time at the age of 10? What's the pattern he found? I was amazed when I found out. It's also a very important indicator when analyzing. He can't always show the truth, of course. But it gives you an important idea. And real math.

Thanks for the nice post.

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

The language of article is very clear and entertaining to read. I like mathematical explanations, .618 Fib factor got me there. I hope that cycle won't happen this time, and we will see the ascending trend.

There is something noticeable: we always tend to categorize things, it's not just about Bitcoin. We always think that they will follow a pattern, and things will be defined accordingly, but we ignore the spontanous moves.

Definition of bear market depends on people. I wasn't active in crypto world during 2018, but I think bear comes out of fear, and they feed on fear. What I see last 3 months was nothing but fear of people. Moreover, the volume of market is great compared to 2018, maybe that's why the price couldn't be that volatile.

Thanks you for this nice article. : )

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

Crypto analyst Jack Sparrow, who correctly predicted BTC's rise to $19,000 last year, explained to his 203,600 followers that there is a huge possibility of Bitcoin's rise to $380,000.

“This is exactly what the chart might look like if this BTC cycle results in similar returns in a similar period to the previous cycle. Perspective is important. They've been calling me a permanent bear lately, but all I really do is wait to take a position against that eventuality."

During the 2017 bull cycle, Bitcoin dropped from around $5,000 to $2,900 before starting a rapid rise to $20,000. Jack suggests that if Bitcoin is in a similar bull market phase, there is a 1,000% rally on the charts.

The crypto strategist maintained his long-term bullish prospect for the leading cryptocurrency even after the May sell-off that drove BTC down more than 50%. According to Jack Sparrow, the bull market is not over as it sees another rally on the horizon.

“I think we are missing wave 5 and since $65,000 the correction is very likely to be wave 4. I don't think the bull is over and the game is surviving while patiently risking the fifth wave.”

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The people affected by Bitcoin's decline are usually those who make small profits and sell their Bitcoins directly.

Take your time, it is necessary to turn the crisis into an opportunity, it depends on how you look at it.

You will see how calm the people who used to accumulate bitcoins are in the current crisis and do not sell their bitcoins.

Because the difference between these people who have made big gains in the past from other people is that they can make the right move at the right time.

If you buy Bitcoin directly without research, small dips and small increases may worry you.

It looks like Bitcoin will rise in the coming waves because I trust Bitcoin that the sanctions of Elon Musk and China will decrease over the years and Bitcoin will come back stronger than before.

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

People who do not know Bitcoin are making news like bitcoin crashed etc, but if they researched bitcoin, they would know that every drop brings a profit.

Thanks for the article.

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

YES !!!

People is trying to hard to make it seem like we’re in bear when we’re not actually in bear (yet).

Thanks for the great info !

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

I think we'll go sideways for some months and end the year with a new ATH

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Jul 9, 2021Liked by Mark Helfman

From my 4year crypto experience, I've learned not to bet against BTC long-term. Because of volatility, it's a great way to make/lose money short term.

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I'm sure btc will rise, neither elon musk nor china can prevent it

because the rise of this technology, for example, you invented the phone, wouldn't you use it, would the phone just sit idle?

remember that sunny days are near

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I don't think bitcoin is in the bear market, I think bitcoin hasn't quite lived up to the bull.

I think big companies are quietly collecting Bitcoins right now, and this news will be reflected us later.

Thanks for your awesome article.

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bitcoin should hold for the long term. every time it lost value, when hopes were lost, it reached stronger heights than ever before. Blockchain technology and bitcoin are hard to block.

thank you for reading

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If you are investing in Bitcoin i will always suggest to go for long run

Bitcoin will go high and high in the coming years and if you understand Blockchain Technology I don't need to say more cause you know how much potential it has in it.

We will see BTC Bounce Back soon maybe we will see the New ATH by the end of 2021 🔥

Bitcoin ❤️

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People are not accustomed to. People who are nervous are usually new to the market and do not have enough information. A small fall is unsettling, while a small rise is comforting.

I personally think that areas from 65k will make a profit when the time comes.

But if a person who gets from 65k thinks "1BTC=1BTC" doesn't hurt anyway.

It's time to stay, not run away from falls. We have to investigate and learn more. We have to love the market now. It's time for a real opportunity for me.

I hope the current prices will be funny in the future.

Thank you for your detailed article.

Have a nice day.

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Bullish on BTC.....The B Summit coming soon will be a wealth of good news.......thought I just saw a Cryptofinney....

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We have good reasons not to be in a bear market.

especially the great developments we have experienced in the field of NFT and DEFI.

We have to admit that we all know how strong the $100,000 expectation for Bitcoin price is.

If I was looking for a peak, I would look there.

Conditions are no longer what they used to be.

While big hands continue to collect bitcoins at $29,000, large investment companies have been collecting bitcoins for a long time.

I think this now shows bottoms for bitcoin 20k above.

So I think we're at the bottom.

but this bottom is not a bear market, it is breathing space for a bull run.

thanks for the great article

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30k to 40k bounce until end of July.. then Moon :)

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