Bitcoin is a great technology. I've been a fan since the first day I found out. But now many people are using it not as a technology tool, but as a tool for speculation.

Those who have a lot of money are engaged in manipulation. This causes serious price fluctuations and loss of confidence, causing people to stay away. But I am sure that there is a community that is sure of bitcoin despite everything.

Thanks for the nice article.

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Ahh, so refreshing to hear this kind of talk. So many people still have no idea what bitcoin is, how it works and all of that. I wish I had held on to all of the bitcoin that I have spent, lost and acquired over the years, my life would be so much better. I am buying bitcoin almost everyday now as I know that one day it will be my financial freedom. I try and talk to people, complete strangers, friends ect... Some get it,but most just don't wanna hear it or don't understand it. This article is very well put. 1.6 million users out of billions of people. Your right, in 20 years bitcoin can and most likley be over a million dollars. Once the rest of the population grasps the concept and starts to buy into it. 💥 💥 Boom mass adoption will happen. I like to imagine a world where my small investments in bitcoin now will make me financially free. When everyone is using bitcoin like they use the banks now, then that's when there will be no stopping this. I cant wait until the day. I still use some faucets everyday and collect what i can, when I can and stack thise sats into a wallet and just let them sit there. One the population can grasp that bitcoin can be turned into real cash, and everywhere accepts it, then the explosion will happen. I'm happy to be an early investor. I will continue to invest. One day my children will be financially free from the steps that I am asking now.

Keep the great articles coming. I will keep reading. Thanks Peace and Love to all. Hope that your Holidays are filled with cheer, family. Friends. Peace ✌ ☮

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Sometimes it's hard to realize this, but we're definitely still early. You just need a plan to get as much BTC as you can and stick to it.

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