I love it when the media hype around Bitcoin fades while price is down. This is usually a good indication of the end of this short bear market and to resume the macro bullish trend. Since as long as you do your own research and stay away from the herd you will be doing great in cryptos.

I agree with you that 30K USD was a psychological level which in theory once broken down we should have entered a long bearish trend. However, that alone is just a single piece of the puzzle that you can’t solve without combining the other pieces (aspects of market analysis). In my opinion, the three aspects to market analysis are fundamental, technical, and sentimental analysis.

Starting with the fundamental aspect, It is more bullish than ever. As you mentioned in your article about how inflation is breaking a new record in America and how the Fed will be maintaining aggressive monetary policies. These fundamentals dictate the macro trend of Bitcoin which is up regardless of the small fluctuations we get by FUD or by any unexpected political events.

For technical analysis, I can confidently tell you that Bitcoin will go up to 100K USD by the end of 2021. You can see in my Chart Analysis article for Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Update 07/27/2021) since I analyzed Bitcoin for short and long terms starting with small time frames like hourly chart going up to weekly chart. Briefly, price has been following a gigantic rising channel and price found support near the 50% retracement level and got rejected from it with great volume which indicates strong reversal to the upside.

Finally, sentiment analysis can also drive price since it is influenced by media which drives people to feel excessive hype/fear of buying/selling. So, best way to benefit from it is to follow the exact opposite of the herd’s sentiment while verifying your analysis with past two approaches (fundamental, technical). Means if fundamental and technical aspects are bullish and the population sentiment is “Fear” then it is the best opportunity to buy into Bitcoin. Do it with confidence.

Thank you for the great article :)

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I'm waiting for this day. Media pressure will not affect Bitcoin, but Bitcoin pressure will govern the media. With a lot of innovation, especially freedom. With a wish to write on a day like this.

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I don't understand what the media is trying to do. Sometimes they praise, sometimes they spread fear. The media is no longer an indicator for me. It's really amazing.

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it is just a game for them. Media is controlled by top elite people. whenever they want to dump their coins they order the media to create hype so people fomo at the wrong time and rich people dump their coins on them and price goes down.. it then fuds near the bottom so people lose hope and sell at low price for the elites to pick it up and then price goes up.

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Our psychology tends to believe that we would catch the dip and drop the high, but most likely it will not happen %90 of the time. Therefore, rather than trying to catch the dip, we should act at the point where we think dip is.

We are not fighting with price itself, we are fighting with our mind; if we succeed to beat our feelings, and then act rational. It will give us the position to benefit from Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

My suggestion is to see every status as an opportunity, imagine yourself investing a fair amount of your income to Bitcoin each month. If its price hits over 500$k in 10 years and if you would be able to fight your mind that long, what would happen? You would eat the fruits of something you had strong belief. Would not it be literally perfect?

Thanks for the Bitcoin article Sylvain!

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A very true statement, we are not fighting against market prices, but against our own emotions.

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man is not satisfied with what he has. Okay, you can try for a better one, but sentences like I wish I had bought it when it was $1 are very wrong. People who buy BTC in this way get 1 dollar.

You turned green 3 months after producing the Bitcioin candle. our hopes rose again

The market is green but there are people manipulating the startup which is one of the first things in this story. Can we meet these people? I don't know anymore.

With the stock market like this, I think the best tactic is incremental buying. It is the most logical to add a little bit and break it down gradually.

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I agree with you. Sometimes waiting for it to fall can cause panic and pick it up from above. If I trust a project, I'll take it.

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We can never sell at highest and buy at lowest. It is possible to see that the price rises well while waiting to buy at the lowest, and the price drops well while waiting to sell at the highest.

Short-term declines and rises negatively affect human psychology. Therefore, I think long-term investment is the right one in terms of psychology as well as in every other sense.

Where to buy and where to sell, how much to buy and how much to sell... We need to plan many things like this and act accordingly.

The number of people supporting Bitcoin is increasing day by day and will continue to increase.

Thank you for the article, for your thoughts.

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Yeah, it's a lot of trouble to follow the short term. I used to look at Minute charts. I was constantly looking and stressed out. Then I started to review 4-hour daily weekly or even monthly charts with a recommendation. Really good. My head gets calmer. It makes me make better decisions. It also provides a great perspective. It makes me see the big picture.

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As a small bitcoin investor myself, I've had ups and downs from time to time. The lesson I learned from these ups and downs was the sentences you mentioned… Don't worry about the short-term price and make a habit of looking at the long-term.

Bitcoin has been the investment focus of many people lately. Ups and downs are experienced not only in the Bitcoin Exchange, but also in other exchanges, but if we think in the long term, I fully believe that we will be profitable at the end of the job.

I believe that I can be a better investor by knowledgeable people like you who know technical analysis well. Of course, it is not certain that the predictions will be 100% correct, but the investor must have the patience, we must be conscious investors, seeing and experiencing the hard descents of Bitcoin. In the light of the analysis, we should be open to reliable ideas, follow well and set stop limits.

Believing is half of success, this saying inspired me. Even if believing brings difficulties, if you believe that it will bring you relief in the future and if your effort is full, if you work hard, you will be the winner as a result.

I am sure that those who could not invest in waiting for Bitcoin to fall further were upset by this sudden exit. Long-term investors instead are smiling now. :)

As this is the harbinger of the bull season, I am expressing this by taking into account the graphics you mentioned.

I want to have some money in the future and I trust that Bitcoin will rise.

I hope it will be a profitable investment for all of us.

Thank you for this fine article.

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I believe bull season is coming for the crypto community as we cross the psychological boundary for Bitcoin.

I hope we can overcome these psychological barriers.

I think we are now at a time when we need to be brave.

Because sometimes you have to be brave not to miss the opportunities.

The Chinese ban is good, we survived a problem and now we can find solutions.

If such a ban had come right now, it would have affected the market badly and made fear more dominant.

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People usually want to take it from the dip. The reason is to win more.

But my view is that it's very difficult to sell from the top or buy from the dip.

Someone with a good technical analysis can more or less guess, but not a hundred percent.

If we believe and trust something, I think we should take it. Of course, there are many who want to buy bitcoin at a low price, but most of them did not buy below 30k. They expected it to fall further. They're still waiting. Bitcoin is rising while they wait. Sometimes I'm surprised how they can wait when even a few news stories affect them in a very good way.

I'm waiting for a season in the future that doesn't have a bear.

So I booked my place in Bitcoin. I'm waiting.

I hope my thoughts come true as soon as possible.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Thank you for summarizing the last 3 months in a very good way. When Bitcoin dropped to 30k, a lot of cowardly investors already gave it away. He maintained that his biggest supporters still do hodl to remain at the levels. And among them, there is a minority who thinks that there is no point in selling it as low as it would fall.

In these, they can take advantage of the current rise and exit the market. And I hope it drops to 30 thousand dollars again and we get rid of this minority. I hope we only stay with those who believe in this technology.

Thanks for the article, have a nice day.

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Your last word in the article is 100 percent correct when it comes to bitcoin. Don't look at Bitcoin's short-term price, what matters is its technology and what it promises in the long-term. I totally agree with Bitcoin's $100000 target. If the atmosphere of fear had not been created, it would have achieved its purpose more quickly. however, the famous Elon Musk statements and China's ban on miners created this atmosphere of fear.

When small investors start selling out of fear, the result is obvious.

big hands continued to collect bitcoin.

As you stated in your article, it is a good idea to always aim to buy from the bottom, but this is not possible.

It will be a more efficient approach to collect little by little and collect as it falls.

All conditions are ripe for Bitcoin's $100000 target.

For this purpose, it will only be enough to break the atmosphere of fear and regain momentum.

Thanks for your great article.

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I think big fears are good on the one hand. It's because Paper Hands sell. And the fears that may arise in the future are already gone.

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It's close to impossible to buy from the lowest and sell from the highest. It's just a lie told by market charlatans. Some people always say that he buys at the bottom and sells at the top. I have friends like that. I'm sure she was lying. When he starts telling me, I just say, " Yeah, you're the best."

Bitcoin is now making solid strides. Looking at the positive side of the job, it currently creates very good support between 30-40k Dec. These will be handbrakes for us in the future.

The FED is pursuing aggressive policy. It affects the entire world economy. Printing unrequited money is a huge problem. Instead of solving small problems, they print money. They're not thinking about inflation. Even if the whole world does not switch to crypto units, it should at least get the good properties of crypto. He should look and take a sample.

My best hope for cryptocurrencies will be that they are not manipulated. It's a situation that bothers me a lot. The very rich become even richer, while the poor become very poor.

Thanks for the nice post. It reminded me of my goals. I will continue to manage my investments in a more motivated way.

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Some people tells me that bitcoin will fall or rise. . I'm just saying, if it falls, you buy it, if it rises, you sell it. I think its enough

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While Onchain and other data are definitely on the rise, the news (sentiment) is on the contrary, it's sickening and there are also ridiculous tweets on Twitter, they don't like the rise of bitcoin for some reason. But we are on the strong side.

Thanks for the article.

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At the time i am commenting BTC is at $41.8K and it crossed 42k mark today and in my perspective i am not worried if BTC is 20k or 30k ( I don't wanna hurt anyone it's just that I believe in it ) If you are an early BTC adopter you have experienced many ups and downs till now and this ups and downs really don't effect you that hard but it hurts most of the new Investor + who are short of knowledge about Crypto and It's my request if you are investing in anything just try to be patient and don't take any decisions in a hurry

Try to be calm and understand the situation and do the thing which you feel is the right and best one

Don't wanna take your more time

Thanks for reading this Comment 🙌

BTC ❤️

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Always look at the bigger picture!

Thanks Sylvain! BTC rules!

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This is good advice, specially when investing for the long term. Fundamentals are key to understanding a project's future.

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It's great that we've crossed the fear barrier for Bitcoin.

The real winners in Bitcoin are those who understand its long-term payoffs and are patient.

The idea of ​​buy low and sell high may not work for everyone.

I just think that we should not sell at a loss and not be a prisoner of fear.

Because Bitcoin is a developing world, it is impossible not to see it.

We should integrate Bitcoin into our lives more and more training should be given on these issues.

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