A Land Owner’s Journey In The SandBox

We are still in the early days of Digital Land ownership. As a result, people are still able to buy cheap digital land. With each passing day, however, the demand for such lands is increasing. Recently Boson Protocol purchased a Decentraland Land for $704,000! With such rising demand, many such landowners are aware of the potential but lack the skillset to build anything substantial in their land. What can a landowner do with their land? We explore the same in a 2-series article.


Immediately after you buy a Land, it will reflect in your ERC-20 wallet. The Lands are ERC-721 tokens. You can also see them under the inventory section in The Sandbox.

You can also change the display picture by putting a picture to represent your land, a Name, and a description.

That’s it. That’s all you can do on the Sandbox page. So what's next? The first thing the Project suggests is to go to their discord.


Once you are in The Sandbox discord, you will have to get into the channel specialized for Land Owners. For that, you need a “landowner” role. To get this role, go to the channel, #get-the-land-owner-role, type! join, and follow the instructions in your DM (you need to have DM enabled).

Once you are inside the Land Owners' private chat, you will be able to interact with all landowners and discuss with them the different things you can do. There are interesting conversations about setting up galleries, malls, marketplaces, and of course, games.

In discord, you will also have access to the hire designers. We will talk about that in Part 2.

The Planning

Now that you are acquainted with The Sandbox philosophy in discord, you will have to spend considerable time planning. You need to decide what you exactly want to do with your land. Below are some options:

·        Host Games:

This is a high revenue-generating but high complex action. Of course, your game will bring your revenue and sponsors. However, if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to conceptualize, and build a game. Fear not, there are professionals whom you can commission. The SandBox will also provide you with the necessary tools.

·        Stake:

Staking is an important feature in The Sandbox. The owners of Lands got higher returns in SAND LP Staking. In the future, your staking can get you rare GEMs and CATALYSTs.

·        Rent:

There are bigger projects in the SandBox which are building up an ecosystem, for example, Planet Rift. These projects are renting your lands to build a network and form a connected experience. You will be paid a percentage of the revenue they earn. You need not worry about building anything on your land. The project will take care of that.

·        Marketing:

The Sandbox is a great marketing tool. If your land is at a central point, you will earn by simply putting up a billboard. You can host contests and giveaways on the land, a simple auditorium would be enough for that. You can also invite your local musician and host a live show.

·        Districts:

If you hold bigger lands (estates), or if you can connect with your neighbor landowner (in discord) you can group and create a district and run it by forming a government. The district will be entitled to special governance rules.

The landowners decide the future of the platform. It is beneficial for The Sandbox that the landowners are active and participate in various activities. Unused land is not good news for both parties. The SandBox has come up with various tools and guides to help landowners develop their lands. It has also provided you with templates that you can directly implement. It has also networked with third parties who can support your idea. In Part 2, I will discuss in detail how the dynamics of Land works so that it becomes easier for Land Owner to plan their idea better.

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