When I started crypto last year I became aware that EOS is one of the decent alts since there was almost no exchange without presence of EOS. However, I started to see its potential when I continued reading Cryptowriter articles. Now I genuinely think it is among TOP 10 strongest projects.

As far as I have seen; there were, there are and there will be a lot to accomplish by EOS and importantly by its community. Personally, I see EOS brightening our future after getting informed by its goals.

Thanks for informing us Sean! We should all hope that Yves La Rose and other EOS upgrades will spark re-awakening of EOS.

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EOS is really powerful. I noticed it too late, unfortunately. But here's what I think. EOS is at the beginning and not late.

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Sean, what you said is so inspiring! It was a pleasure to read about the sweet experiences that every crypto investor and writer remembers very closely.

Eos makes us feel safe like a home. I think it's because we're a community that shines a light on the same cause. Being in this community feels very dynamic and exciting.

Apart from all of that, it's nice to be inspired by the authors' articles here and to provide even the slightest benefit for our own journey, all these exchanges of ideas we do.

To the invaluable power of this precious community!

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I only knew EOS. But his ensemble is really great. He works hard. Experts in problem solving. And very strong.

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It's like a short story. I enjoyed reading.

It hasn't been too long since I started crypto too. In fact, it's only been 3 weeks since I joined EOS and Cryptowriter. For the first week, I considered myself quite a novice.

But here the power of the community comes to the fore. This place is full of people who are very helpful and want to achieve something. Everyone is trying to do something for the same purpose. As long as the community stays that way, the future of the project looks very bright!

I'm interested in crypto but the number of projects I really follow is very few. Trust is very important and EOS has definitely made that trust felt. I'm sure much better things will happen. A little patience and time.

Thanks for the article, Sean!

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I know the EOS team is a successful team.

If the solution to the problems you mentioned comes, it can be successful like many good news for EOS.

We know the importance EOS places on the community.

This is enough for us.

Each of us can work to make EOS better.

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Vamos Sean!

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I learned about EOS from your articles.

Personally, I think they work to achieve good things.

If they have a good management team, they will definitely be successful.

I see many companies believe and trust EOS.

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eos = development

The Eos team is producing new things every second. A hardworking team. I hope it gets the value it deserves in the stock market.

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The development you came with EOS is really great. EOS has really great people in community and continues to evolve day by day.

Thanks for this awesome article.

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EOS is really powerful. His community is very good. He just needs some time and good news.

I'm new to this community, too. But I am very happy. I haven't come across such a beautiful and good community in a long time.

Thank You, Sean.

Have a nice day.

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Aug 10, 2021Liked by Sean Ballent

EOS foundation rules!

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I took EOS Seriously after joining CryptoWriter

I had EOS before that but i was never serious about it just bought it for some silly reasons lol

Thanks to Phantom and The EOS community who changed my Mind 100% and after that i bought some more EOS in the dips and i am really really happy about it 😁

EOS has a very strong potential and community and i really believe that we will see the new highs soon

Thanks for sharing your story and experience Sean it was really interesting to read

EOS is the future :)

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I love the EOS community. They become one force for the sake of a cause.

It brings innovations to itself in the project. Thanks to the articles written here, we also hear about it. I hope it gets its rightful place in the price in the stock market.

Thanks Sean for the article and information.

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Eos is a very innovative network. Innovations are constantly being made. It's the perfect network for someone who wants to improve themselves in crypto or produce content.

The lack of a network with fixed rules is great for new learners or manufacturers. I'm also trying to learn about the eos network. I focus on projects. I hope he always carries us up. Thank you for a good article.

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You should join Eden, are you a member? Don't be shy, ask in the telegram groups for an invite, it's an interesting and fun experiment

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Thank you! I was inducted on 5/27.

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That's a very concise summary of the state of EOS.

Thanks to Cryptowriter and Finney I started paying attention. Looking forward to the future.

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I usually don’t comment and i just read, but this article gets me so frustrated as well as the comments below. I totally disagree with this writers opinion. Who is this Sean Ballent guy? Why are all the people in the comments sucking up to him? Are you guys on crazy pills. Its okay to disagree. It makes the community stronger. I think you guys got Block 1 completely wrong. They are playing the long game while you fucks just focus on your own shit and your short game. No one cares about you fucks. No one has time. We need to build something that will last. Every move that Block1 is doing is on purpose and for a reason. We already had the best tech at launch. We can do things now that Etheruem 2.0 wishes they can do. Fucken Cardano doesn’t even have smart contracts yet. But Block1 knew the issue down the line would be regulation. So they spent the time to secure this first and that’s why there was a long quiet period where they did no advertisement or announcements while the other chains went for a money grab. Now these projects see how strong and swift the SEC is. Ripple was a top 3 coin and now is stuck in court. Binance had to suspend operations in the US and create another exchange. Even Brian Armstrong won t touch Binance and has stepped down. But because Block1 took the time to do whatever the SEC wanted and now have a waiver. This waiver is even more important than any tech. Its not how good your tech is. Its if you have the blessings of the United States that’s important. You guys must not play poker because I sure do. If you did you would know that you never show your hand. You stay quiet and you beat them at end when they don’t expect it. Block1 chose not to show their hand and work on Bullish in secret. If every chain knew this they would do the same thing. Now in a few months Bullish will be the only exchange in town that can have institutional investing. These will make your whales look like guppies. I get so frustrated when I m in the telegram groups and just hear people bitching about Block1. BOOOOHOOOO! Block1 promised to give out money and they didn’t. “ A NEW DAWN”? A new dawn will come when people stop bitching like entitled bitches that want money. If you want something to happen, go fucken build it! America isn't a great country because we handed out money like the fucken communist. America is a super power because they built a foundation and let people have freedom to build what they wanted without having them rely on their parents money. And this is what Block1 provides. They built you the tech and a ecosystem where you can build whatever you wanted with no limitations or fucken gas fees. No one likes paying 200 dollars to send a 1 dollar nft. A good example is my friend Kenny at crypto writer. Do you see him in the telegrams bashing Block1. He just puts his head down and codes. With no funding from Block1 he’s built Crypto Writer, Crypto Finney, and Behind the Pixel. He s not sitting there waiting for a fucken hand out. Look at all these great projects, Wax which sells nfts, Liquid Dapps that build bridges for cross chain as well as oracles, Blankos the best nft game, Ultra a home entertainment, Defibox a coinswap, Achor wallet from Greymass, etc. None of these projects sit around and bitch like you pussies. They just build. So when the time comes for Block1 to deploy their 1 billion dollars who do you think they’re going to fund? These people that are building or you there sitting at home waiting for Block1 to give you some money so you can start your project.

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Charlie, as proven by your response to my article, your understanding of the history of the EOS ecosystem, community, and its relationship with B1 is negligible. As a genesis token-holder, Eden inductee, and respected community advocate, I’ve dedicated the last 3 years of my life towards a successful EOS. Not only have I waged countless fud-fighting campaigns against the chain and community I love but have covered EOS with integrity over the course of 2+ years. During that time I’ve connected with countless members of the community, even employees at B1, and have done as much as anyone to bring a community-funding mechanism to EOS. I also co-founded the Writer company, home of Finney, Cryptowriter, and EOSwriter which has found a way to continue to support the EOS ecosystem while most projects have left for greener pastures. Before you bring my credibility into question take a look at yours and the value you’ve provided to this community and ecosystem over your lifetime.

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Posted 1 year ago:

EOSwriter: Your Move Block.one...

by Sean Phillip Ballent, @sean

Thu Aug 13 2020 18:59:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In the beginning EOS needed community. We needed a community to launch the chain. We needed the community to build the tools necessary to interact with the chain. We needed community to provide positive reinforcement, so that all the energy spent building and dreaming felt like it was for something. Without community, EOS would have never gotten this far.

There was a time when the community had influence. Alignment between BPs and those they represented was real. Issues were discussed and obstacles overcome. Excitement stemmed from the camaraderie of the community.

Somewhere along the way the tide began to shift. Maybe it was when the deeper-pocketed exchange BPs established control through the free market practices of vote trading and rewards, squeezing the community-contribution BPs out? I’m sure the doldrums of the bear market played a role. After B1June there simply wasn’t much to look forward to. Disgruntled influencers and community pillars capitulated. BPs, who once acted as community delegates seemed to lose their motivation to act in anyone's best interest but their own.  Unable to drive network effects, and move the needle, it felt like the wind had left the sail.

For better or for worse it became evident that Block.one would be leaned on to steer the ship. The beneficiaries of the token sale did their best to create the illusion of distance, but those on the inside knew who had their hands on the wheel. Major upgrades to the network were never going to happen without Block.one’s code and blessing. The majority of BPs weren’t going to spearhead any substantial change. Most were inept. Many who had the technical wherewithal, lacked the balls. A couple BPs made an impact and they should be commended for putting it on the line and at least attempting to do something.

Community mattered. It was the community who battled on the front lines and in the trenches. They fought the FUD and the negative perceptions. They fought for the ideas and a technology that captivated them. They fought for Dan and Brendan.  And all those who stuck around and crawled through the muck and the minefields, those who never waivered, should be commended for their valiant efforts. Without community we wouldn’t be here today, but the community can only do so much.


The community reached its local ceiling eight months ago when it clunked its head on a  mining token known as EIDOS, lost its confidence, and never recovered. The community turned towards their representative BPs to take action, and those BPs, unsurprisingly  turned to Block.one who wasn’t, at the time, in a position to lead. EOS and its community never bounced back. The mining token had fractured the alignment within an already weary community.

At its inception, the future vision of EOS was never defined as needing to be “grassroots.” EOS was the blockchain for commercial scale, and the community could only get it so far. The dream was that EOS would reach a point where its network would be secured by big corporations and ultimately become web 3.0, the new internet. With the community having reached its ceiling and ball was now in Block.one’s court.

On March 25th, with community sentiment at an all time low, Block.one announced the hiring of the team, formally EOS New York to head the Public Blockchain Engagement division. The PBE would act as a point of contact between Block.one and the EOS community. The announcement was met with little enthusiasm and while the community has since been assured the PBE has been busy at work, they are patiently awaiting the arrival of something tangible.


In recent weeks the community has welcomed a shift in tone from Block.one CEO Brendan Blummer. For much of the past year Blumer had been pushing a narrative focused on “EOSIO,” not “EOS.” Over that time period the faith of the EOS community in Block.one’s support of the public chain came into question. With the uplifting shift towards highlighting a pro-EOS sentiment in his tweets, Blumer was able to spark a hint of excitement within the community. Dan Larimer, also came out of Twitter hibernation to engage the community, and throw a few delightful jabs at Charles Hoskinson in the process which fueled some much needed optimism within the community.

While the speculation hints towards the idea that something exciting and sexy is brewing, the weathered and agitated community won’t believe it until they see it. The tight-lipped nature of Block.one has left the community in the dark for much of the last couple years. Whether due to regulation, “more time needed,” or “too many lawyers,” the community has not had anything to celebrate in a long time. Their patience for can-kicking and excuses is running thin.

The community has done its job in keeping EOS alive (barely) during what feels like the most arduous of winters. Under the circumstances of being left in the dark, unsupported, and disjointed, they did what they could. The community has made it to the 15th round and can’t seem to figure out what they’re fighting for.  Your move Block.one.

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Soon(TM): The Story of the EOS Community

by Sean Phillip Ballent, @sean

Wed Jan 27 2021 23:08:05 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

There was a grand sense of optimism among investors, block producers, and developers alike in the early days. Block.one, the company behind the record-breaking token sale, delivered an epic, global hackathon to spurn development on EOS, the new chain on the block. Meanwhile, Block.one frontmen, Brendan Blumer and Dan Larimer, were nightly-regulars in EOS Telegram channels, engaging and priming a growing and devoted community to make blockchain history. The community was aligned and thriving, the excitement culminating in the #B1June, Voice announcement celebration. It felt good.

But then, not long after…

Radio silence.

Without much of an explanation, fearless leaders Brendan and Dan went AWOL.

The sudden loss of open-communication took the wind out of the sails. The community started losing momentum.

Over the next year, the built-up potential for network effects slowly evaporated. As Block.one continued to grow and publicly flaunt their bitcoin holdings, developers within the EOS community, who had invested tremendous amounts of time, effort, capital, their hearts and souls towards the vision, were struggling to survive.

Meanwhile, the venture capital arm of Block.one, EOS VC, who had been empowered with nearly a billion dollars to foster EOSIO development, seemed like they were in hiding, disconnected from the community that had empowered them.

In December 2019, in response to the mounting strife, Block.one announced the EOS VC grants Program, which offered $50,000 to those contributing to the EOSIO ecosystem’s advancement. The grant program was a positive and meaningful step for those in the EOS community but it didn’t come without issue. Block producers, the most proficient and competent users of the EOSIO software, who were struggling to find funding for their ideas and initiatives, didn’t qualify. Secondly, those same, mostly “disconnected” VCs were put in charge of awarding the grants. Finally, it was a one time shot. After the 34 grant recipients were announced in May 2020, the program appeared to shut down. Too little, too late?

Enter the Public Blockchain Engagement Division

In March 2020, Block.one announced hiring former EOS New York founders Rick Schlesinger and Kevin Rose to head the Public Blockchain Engagement division. The PBE was tasked with helping Block.one “...deepen its engagement with public blockchain communities, promote ideas to foster open, organized, and decentralized public network operation, and represent its interests as a token holder of several public digital assets.”

The introduction of the PBE as the liaison between Block.one and the dwindling EOS community was a crucial development. Schlesinger and Rose were well respected within the community, having already spent a couple of years as a leading block producer, EOS New York. The community finally had what seemed like a needed component in the PBE. A partner with enough clout and experience to help turn the ship around and regain some of the lost momenta.

It wasn’t long before the PBE made their presence known. In April 2020, they announced their intention to vote for EOS block producers with Block.one’s stake. They also announced their intention to research and develop an EOS foundation, “...designed to foster decentralized collaboration, network security and uptime, high performance, and token holder alignment.”

After flying out of the gates, the Cayman Island-bound PBE didn’t announce anything of substance for the next seven months until the mid-December announcement of the EOS PowerUp Model, which looks to revitalize the pain-point of resource management on the EOS blockchain.

Community Funding

Among many pressing issues, one of the most might be the need for a community funding mechanism. EOS needs a way to take care of current developers and attract new ones.

In March 2020, block producers EOS Nation and Attic Lab proposed an EOS Worker Proposal System, which Blumer more or less seemed to shoot down.

A month later, Blumer came back to Twitter to share this insight.

This tweet was fantastic news to the EOS community. The PBE actively working on the concept of community funding. Not only would those community members who put it all on the line have an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts, but outsiders looking in could find incentive to build on EOS. This dynamic alone could be enough to rekindle the potential for network effects.

Ten months later and not a word from the PBE on community funding status or the EOS Foundation. The last of the community is pretty darn close to running out of breath.


When Block.one announced the hiring of Schlesinger and Rose to head the PBE, the second paragraph of the press release stated:

Block.one believes engagement, transparency and open discussion are essential to ensuring the success of any public blockchain. Block.one is proud to belong to an open-source community that thrives on the sharing of information, as well as the advocacy, innovation and action of its individual members.”

These words struck a chord with those who remember the good ol’ days of  “peak community,” when open conversations with Larimer, Blumer, and other members of B1 were the norm. I mean it’s true. If you want to build a unified community, it’s of the utmost importance to have an engaging, transparent, and open discussion. Communities thrive on the sharing of information and feeling like active participants in the vision.

While Rose and the PBE should be applauded for their participation in conversations with block producers and community members in various EOS Telegram groups, the Senior Vice President at Block.one remains uncompromising when faced with questions regarding the PBE’s future intentions.

“We continue working toward our goals.”

“It’s something we have been exploring. It’s on our list.”

“We’re evaluating ways to facilitate open-source development within the EOS community.”

The consistent stonewalling and lack of transparency does very little to unify and inspire confidence in what’s left of the fragile community. The arcane strategy has been a catalyst for the divide. As developers, YouTubers, OGs, and our friends hastily throw in the towel for greener pastures, Block.one and the PBE stand insouciant, on a high perch, over there in the distance.

The best time for Block.one to have rejoined the community was 18 months ago, but the second-best time is now.

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Please don’t try to compare me and you and make this a who s penis is bigger contest because you will lose in that category as well. Lets just focus on the topic so we can move forward. Yes I understand you used to be a big fan of eos and now have gone bitter and you have every right to be. My point to you is lets get over that. We both share the same goal and that’s for Eos to be a power house. We both have a vested interest. Let go of your hate of block1 and stop bashing them out in the open. This does not make the price go up or is it good for the community. You re jumping to conclusions on block1’s game plan before its ever revealed. You ll understand in a few years. All I ask you to do is be patient and let them show you. The firework show is about to start.

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Sorry Charlie, I’m not going to stop sharing the truth as much as it makes people like you uncomfortable. Sweeping these issues under the rug is what got us into this mess. Waiting on the big b1 “game plan” to take shape over the last 3 years is the exact mindset that has lead to 99% of the developers, users, and applications to leave the ecosystem. If EOS finds a way to steer the ship back in the right direction I promise you it will have all to do with the EOS Foundation which is being launched out of necessity to make up for the last 3 years of broken B1 promises. Wake up dude and get with them program. You want to support EOS, then go join Eden. You’re not going to convince anyone hiding behind an avatar.

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Who s hiding? Is that how you normally win your debates by pulling rank and talking about how great you are? Stop with the personal attacks and focus on your arguments. You say you won’t stop speaking the truth and I m here to tell you that it’s false. Be humble and admit that maybe you could be wrong. I m not talking about you but others that blame block1 for failing is silly. If you start a small business in America and you fail is it the governments fault that they didn’t give you any money? Or maybe it’s your own fault for a bad business plan. People need to stop playing victim and own up to their own faults. This is why America is great. We have free markets that allow people to do whatever they want and be creative. Please don’t get me wrong. I m am in favor of the eos foundation. When Dan lairmer created eos his idea was the block producers were going to vote and fund projects. He wanted eos decentralized and block producers everywhere to fund projects around the world. But he didn’t know that the American and western countries would be this stupid and not understand eos. But not the those Fucken Chinese! They were smart and understood it right away. They kept buying while western countries were selling. That’s why most of the eos held is in China. They also knew how to game the system and that’s why mostly all of the block producers were in China. Now if we rushed handing out money cause we wanted to please inpatient people like you then all the Chinese projects would get funded first. That’s why I keep talking to you about laying a good foundation. This was not good. So we had to pause it and stop the inflation and burn those coins. We need time for block producers like eos nation and other great teams to get into place that can work with the Chinese for something that will benefit all. Good things take time but you can’t seem to wait. Thats why I feel Yves is the only person that can run the eos foundation. He s the only one that the Chinese trust. And for all the project that left eos? They will all be back. Look at EFX. They left for bsc then they realized they can’t run their business on bsc. It’s not possible with the gas fees. So they re on two chains now. Emanate is leaving but no chain out there currently can run emanate. They ll all be back. In conclusion, please just stop the fud and the blame game with block1. The future is bright. Make no mistake. I m not hiding from anyone. I ll be waiting for you here all day. See if you can attack my arguments and not me personally. Let’s see who hides out.

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Here are the facts:

1. During the EOS ICO. B1 and Dan told the community their intention was to build decentralized applications on EOS. 3 years later and they have not built a single one.

2. After 4 Billion was raised in ICO, B1 promised to inject 1 billion into the "EOS" ecosystem via VC funding. Outside of SVK Crypto - who funded Upland, EOS VC was a total failure, with next to no money going back into the EOS ecosystem.

3. After pressure from the community, B1 launched a grant program through EOS VC which awarding something like 36, $50k grants. Sadly, Block Producers, the people building the majority of tools for the ecosystem were exempt from participating in the grant program.

4. At B1June, blumer looked the community in the eye and stated that Voice "is our gift to the community," with Dan Larimer stating, everyone who uses voice will get a free EOS acocunt. After spending 30 million on a domain and investing probably 100 more into development and marketing, Voice's first attempt failed. People within B1 were surprised Voice's contract got renewed and attributed the renewal to B1 not wanting a bad stain on their record, right before bullish was set to launch. B1's gift to the EOS community will run on its own private VoiceChain.

5. Over a year ago with the community starving, EOS Nation proposed a WPS, which was shot down on twitter by B1 CEO Blumer himself. No wanting to upset B1, the WPS never went ahead. Countless projects, developers, YouTubers and former community members have since left.

These are facts. I've researched and written extensively on each. Through B1's inability to deliver on promises, they have handcuffed this chain. The writing has been on the wall for a while. Why do you think EOSwriter became Cryptowriter?

The EOS Foundation was born out of EOS hitting rock bottom. EOS would soon be dead without it.

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Wow! No personal attacks and going straight into the facts? Now we re fucking talking! Let’s go! I just want to say your fact gathering skills are great. It’s the way you process these facts that I don’t agree with. You say block1 isn’t supporting the community but they issued 36 grants for 50k. What other chain has done that? It’s funny that you leave out the 7.5 million that they gave to Chintai. Or that eos vc funded Mythical Games(blankos) and the makers of half life. I m sure you forgot and it was a simple mistake. You are right about voice. That was a big failure but in business everyone fails. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. Even Steve Jobs failed a bunch of times. But did block one give up? Nope. They did the smart move and pivoted to nfts which could be something big. I already explained in my last post why we had to shoot down the worker proposal because of the Chinese cartel situation. It seems you like to play Monday morning quarter back and point out everything that went wrong yet you re blinded and don’t see everything that they did right. Now here is my turn to give you my facts. Under your control of block1 you would have deployed that 1 billion dollars of the ico money right away. During the last market cycle many ico companies did just that and held it in eth. That money is all gone and so are those companies. Thank god block1 doesn’t listen to people like you and they chose to covert that ico money to Bitcoin and save it. That 1 billion dollars of grant money is now worth 3 times that amount and now we can help 3 times as many companies. I think you and I both can agree that someday Bitcoin is going to be worth 1 million dollars a coin and block1 has well over 160,000 Bitcoin. That’s more Bitcoin the Binance, Elon Musk, Michael Sailor, telsa, Space Ex, eth foundation or cardano foundation. With that kind of capital block 1 will be able to support eos and all its dapps for decades to come. So now you tell me who made the right call Mr. Monday morning quarterback. You keep talking like block1 and eos is a failure or they ve hit rock bottom. What’s the best way to judge a business? Go look at their assets! They grew a company from nothing to now having over 10 billion dollars in assets. Please tell me 1 company that started at zero and went to 10 billion in 3 years. I ll wait! Go ahead. Seriously. …….. I m still waiting. Those guys are failures! Fucking losers!

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