When I started crypto last year I became aware that EOS is one of the decent alts since there was almost no exchange without presence of EOS. However, I started to see its potential when I continued reading Cryptowriter articles. Now I genuinely think it is among TOP 10 strongest projects.

As far as I have seen; there were, there are and there will be a lot to accomplish by EOS and importantly by its community. Personally, I see EOS brightening our future after getting informed by its goals.

Thanks for informing us Sean! We should all hope that Yves La Rose and other EOS upgrades will spark re-awakening of EOS.

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Sean, what you said is so inspiring! It was a pleasure to read about the sweet experiences that every crypto investor and writer remembers very closely.

Eos makes us feel safe like a home. I think it's because we're a community that shines a light on the same cause. Being in this community feels very dynamic and exciting.

Apart from all of that, it's nice to be inspired by the authors' articles here and to provide even the slightest benefit for our own journey, all these exchanges of ideas we do.

To the invaluable power of this precious community!

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It's like a short story. I enjoyed reading.

It hasn't been too long since I started crypto too. In fact, it's only been 3 weeks since I joined EOS and Cryptowriter. For the first week, I considered myself quite a novice.

But here the power of the community comes to the fore. This place is full of people who are very helpful and want to achieve something. Everyone is trying to do something for the same purpose. As long as the community stays that way, the future of the project looks very bright!

I'm interested in crypto but the number of projects I really follow is very few. Trust is very important and EOS has definitely made that trust felt. I'm sure much better things will happen. A little patience and time.

Thanks for the article, Sean!

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I know the EOS team is a successful team.

If the solution to the problems you mentioned comes, it can be successful like many good news for EOS.

We know the importance EOS places on the community.

This is enough for us.

Each of us can work to make EOS better.

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Vamos Sean!

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I learned about EOS from your articles.

Personally, I think they work to achieve good things.

If they have a good management team, they will definitely be successful.

I see many companies believe and trust EOS.

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eos = development

The Eos team is producing new things every second. A hardworking team. I hope it gets the value it deserves in the stock market.

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The development you came with EOS is really great. EOS has really great people in community and continues to evolve day by day.

Thanks for this awesome article.

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EOS is really powerful. His community is very good. He just needs some time and good news.

I'm new to this community, too. But I am very happy. I haven't come across such a beautiful and good community in a long time.

Thank You, Sean.

Have a nice day.

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Aug 10, 2021Liked by Sean Ballent

EOS foundation rules!

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I took EOS Seriously after joining CryptoWriter

I had EOS before that but i was never serious about it just bought it for some silly reasons lol

Thanks to Phantom and The EOS community who changed my Mind 100% and after that i bought some more EOS in the dips and i am really really happy about it 😁

EOS has a very strong potential and community and i really believe that we will see the new highs soon

Thanks for sharing your story and experience Sean it was really interesting to read

EOS is the future :)

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I love the EOS community. They become one force for the sake of a cause.

It brings innovations to itself in the project. Thanks to the articles written here, we also hear about it. I hope it gets its rightful place in the price in the stock market.

Thanks Sean for the article and information.

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Eos is a very innovative network. Innovations are constantly being made. It's the perfect network for someone who wants to improve themselves in crypto or produce content.

The lack of a network with fixed rules is great for new learners or manufacturers. I'm also trying to learn about the eos network. I focus on projects. I hope he always carries us up. Thank you for a good article.

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You should join Eden, are you a member? Don't be shy, ask in the telegram groups for an invite, it's an interesting and fun experiment

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That's a very concise summary of the state of EOS.

Thanks to Cryptowriter and Finney I started paying attention. Looking forward to the future.

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I usually don’t comment and i just read, but this article gets me so frustrated as well as the comments below. I totally disagree with this writers opinion. Who is this Sean Ballent guy? Why are all the people in the comments sucking up to him? Are you guys on crazy pills. Its okay to disagree. It makes the community stronger. I think you guys got Block 1 completely wrong. They are playing the long game while you fucks just focus on your own shit and your short game. No one cares about you fucks. No one has time. We need to build something that will last. Every move that Block1 is doing is on purpose and for a reason. We already had the best tech at launch. We can do things now that Etheruem 2.0 wishes they can do. Fucken Cardano doesn’t even have smart contracts yet. But Block1 knew the issue down the line would be regulation. So they spent the time to secure this first and that’s why there was a long quiet period where they did no advertisement or announcements while the other chains went for a money grab. Now these projects see how strong and swift the SEC is. Ripple was a top 3 coin and now is stuck in court. Binance had to suspend operations in the US and create another exchange. Even Brian Armstrong won t touch Binance and has stepped down. But because Block1 took the time to do whatever the SEC wanted and now have a waiver. This waiver is even more important than any tech. Its not how good your tech is. Its if you have the blessings of the United States that’s important. You guys must not play poker because I sure do. If you did you would know that you never show your hand. You stay quiet and you beat them at end when they don’t expect it. Block1 chose not to show their hand and work on Bullish in secret. If every chain knew this they would do the same thing. Now in a few months Bullish will be the only exchange in town that can have institutional investing. These will make your whales look like guppies. I get so frustrated when I m in the telegram groups and just hear people bitching about Block1. BOOOOHOOOO! Block1 promised to give out money and they didn’t. “ A NEW DAWN”? A new dawn will come when people stop bitching like entitled bitches that want money. If you want something to happen, go fucken build it! America isn't a great country because we handed out money like the fucken communist. America is a super power because they built a foundation and let people have freedom to build what they wanted without having them rely on their parents money. And this is what Block1 provides. They built you the tech and a ecosystem where you can build whatever you wanted with no limitations or fucken gas fees. No one likes paying 200 dollars to send a 1 dollar nft. A good example is my friend Kenny at crypto writer. Do you see him in the telegrams bashing Block1. He just puts his head down and codes. With no funding from Block1 he’s built Crypto Writer, Crypto Finney, and Behind the Pixel. He s not sitting there waiting for a fucken hand out. Look at all these great projects, Wax which sells nfts, Liquid Dapps that build bridges for cross chain as well as oracles, Blankos the best nft game, Ultra a home entertainment, Defibox a coinswap, Achor wallet from Greymass, etc. None of these projects sit around and bitch like you pussies. They just build. So when the time comes for Block1 to deploy their 1 billion dollars who do you think they’re going to fund? These people that are building or you there sitting at home waiting for Block1 to give you some money so you can start your project.

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