An Uplift Adventure by a Minecraft Noob

I’m new to Minecraft but not virtual worlds. Second Life, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Warcraft, Entropia, Star Trek, Eve, and Flyff, I've visited them all. Even attained a level of mastery on a couple. So when I tell you I understand the value of virtual worlds, you know it’s more than a philosophical perspective.

Minecraft early editions weren't lost on me. Still, between life and other virtual outlets it wasn’t until Uplift that I owned the game. Today, crypto and NFTs are a way of life for me. The crypto dynamic is coming to Minecraft in a big way, so I felt the need to get involved. 

Uplift art galleries are foretelling of a broader vision of a future virtual-worlds-based Internet existing alongside NFTs. Like television added to the printing press' capacity for mass communication and the subsequent invention of the Internet, virtual worlds will further advance global communication. One only needs to explore the status of augmented reality to grasp what’s to come. Furthermore, presentations like Ready Player One reveal the full potential of virtual worlds.

My Uplift Adventure: A Noob Perspective

Nothing in Minecraft is all that hard, except deciding on what to create. Like old-style model train sets, architecture, and city planning, there are some who consider Minecraft much more than a game. Add in original Uplift dynamics and something really special takes place.

Getting started

The challenge in getting started with Uplift lends more to perception than complexity. Everything you need to know is contained within the Starter Guide. Be sure to scroll all the way through. You'll likely need all that information.

Once you're in the game world, you’ll probably want to have the map on hand or install a mod pack for an in-game map.

Below are essential first steps you’ll want to take right away:

  • find an easy passage to your land from the origin spawn 

  • obtain a bed (from wood and wool or via trade)

  • obtain wood (from trees)

  • craft a crafting table (from wood)

Notice I didn't say food. While helpful, you'll need to find your land before you can manipulate the world around you. If you're in a survival world, you'll need a bed to create a respawn point for when you die. A crafting table is needed to make tools, a bed, and a variety of other things.

After crafting your first wooden pickaxe, you’ll easily be able to dig far enough to find stone. Then you’ll have a decent enough tool to find iron. A pickaxe made of iron will let you mine everything except obsidian (but if you're asking about this, then you're no longer a noob).

Gameplay, Creativity, and an NFT Market

Unlike Final Fantasy, Warcraft, and Flyff, games like Minecraft, Second Life, and Entropia all design their story-lines as secondary (or at least not required) to the gameplay mechanics. This proves to be advantageous for an in-game NFT market. 

Uplift is developed with NFTs at its core. In fact, NFTs by Yoshi (and Uplift) already mine Upliftium, an in-game currency.


Minecraft's limitless gameplay is more brilliant than first appears. Take attacking mobs for instance. The first ones you'll likely encounter are zombies, skeletons and spiders. If you have the timing down and keep your mouse in the right position, then the zombies are pretty easy. Without armor they can certainly kill you, especially if there's more than one. 

Skeletons are also about timing, but they keep their distance. Much of what makes skeletons deadly is their bow and surprise attacks. Surviving skeletons means first ascertaining from where an arrow came within enough time to resolve the attack before dying yourself. If there's more than one skeleton, then you're pretty much done for (without armor).

Spiders combine a bit of both. They can attack from above or beneath. Discovering from where a spider is attacking can be a challenge while taking multiple hits before landing a blow yourself. Like zombies, having the timing down will help immensely, but spiders can jump so you'll also need to be adept at judging depth. 

Motion depth is another brilliant aspect that Minecraft developers got right. Add to this a knock-back effect, and players really need to be aware of terrain, both behind themselves and attacking mobs. 

Situation awareness in Minecraft can rival that of many games. It’s an aspect that extends far beyond mob farming. That said, Minecraft mobs set to easy can seem childish.

Create from Your Heart

So sure, Minecraft is not like Call of Duty or Halo in terms of combat, but its core design is solid. That’s without factoring the infinite variability of user created structures and terrains. Even in survival, the potential to create unique visuals is limitless. 

New players quickly discover a plethora of items. Doesn’t take long to fill up your carrying storage. Managing a good storage system of chests is essential for long-term success. With that in mind, take a look back at what you’ve created from an explorative dig that subsequently reshapes the original landscape. 

Instantly build a tower ascending above the clouds with vision of the horizon. Dig deep into the core past lava and maybe find a cave filled with precious items. Either way, brace yourself for when you look back. Takes a bit of time to get used to how fast your world can change.

Survival Mode: What to Expect on Your First Day

Can you find diamonds on your first day? Yes. I did, though I used a trick. You can do the same by watching a video or reading an article about Minecraft diamonds.

If you're like me, then you like to test limits from the start. With a stone tool or two you can tunnel directly down to the bottom (y=0 ish). Even if you were to encounter water or lava, which is a good likelihood, you should still be able to explore the depths within your first hour or two. Though, finding your way back to the surface could be an issue if you do decide to proceed in such haste.

Minecraft is a world where noobs and legendary players coalesce. This is part of the reason why you may glimpse specialized items, like a portal to the Netherworld, but that's another story. 

It’s not uncommon to encounter a stray animal along the rail system that connects most Uplift worlds. Acquiring them can be an adventure unto itself. Unless you luck out with animals or villagers on your land, you'll likely need to trade for them. And, transporting living creatures to your land is rarely easy. 

I got to this point (with help from a wonderful, albeit still small, community). I even have a village with horses, cows, sheep, and chickens. Now I'm looking to further automate processes. I succeeded in modeling one type of farm. 

I'll tell you this, clearing up underground space takes quite a bit of time. So too did just modeling some basic designs automations I found on YouTube. 

If you ever wonder how vast Minecraft can be, visit some of the masterfully built designs. Some organizations (e.g. Cryptowriter) are building cities within Minecraft.

Creator Mode First Experiences

Creator mode allows you to delve into building a vision from your heart. Possible variations are endless and the options, many. The ability to automate processes makes Minecraft something that even after mastery there's no boredom cap.

Did you know that Cryptowriter and Finney are in the Uplift Genesis world? 

The CryptoFinney team is revolutionizing what's possible in Creator mode. More on that in another article 🙂 

Concluding Remarks

Remember I said to keep that map handy because finding your land can be quite the challenge in Survival mode (where flying is not on by default like in Creator mode)? 

Survivor mode resource limitations lends to certain dynamics. I found myself having to pass through several player-built barriers just to get to my land. You may have an easier time if you’re near the rail system. 

Once you do find your land, lay down a bed so that if, and when, you die you’ll respawn there. If you ever find yourself in a tough spot you can type " /spawn " to teleport to the center of the map and then find a way to burn out your hearts (die) so as to respawn at your bed. 

What are you waiting for? Get back in the game. 

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