AotC - The Final Countdown

Welcome back! This week we’ve reached a new all-time-high (ATH) on BTC as well as many cryptos across the board! The final leg up of this cycle is imminent, and we’ve got continued market strength displayed more clearly than ever, and market-wide. We’re looking to finalize our positions at this point, as it is unwise to actively trade during the final leg up in any crypto bull cycle. Swapping in and out is for times of market stagnation, when you’re trying to catch small gainz where you can get them, such as trading between the boundaries of a range. The final leg up is no time for that. It’s “buckle up and hang on” time. Which of course comes directly after “park yourself in what you have attained the highest conviction in during the preceding months the market gifted you for ample research” time. So lets look at how we can set ourselves up for success during this period; we’ll start with a general market overview:

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