Bitcoin is the most valuable and popular digital currency in the emerging digital world. If you try to understand Bitcoin, it is impossible not to see through your research that the return rate will be satisfactory in the long run.

The upcoming halving time has always positively affected the Bitcoin price. You can invest in Bitcoin with this information in mind. Remember that this thing is much more profitable than physical investments.

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It's the biggest mistake to ignore what will change the future decisively. I agree with you

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Bitcoin happened to me while all my friends were walking down the street. It says things like you lost a lot of money but I never gave up hope, I think we will reach our $100,000 target for the end of the year.

My biggest assurance for the $100,000 goal. Bitcoin is the technology of the future. In previous articles, I read a sentence like "bitcoin is the technology of the future and I am investing in technology".

It also helps me not to lose hope in graphical interpretations and analysis such as the 5 by 5 rule. I'm not very good at analysis, but Sylavain's article made a lot of sense.

When BTC made its big drop, millions of people panicked, I don't understand why people panic when big companies are buying low. After all, large corporations cannot afford to lose billions of dollars.

No one knows what the future will be but I hope all crypto lovers win

Thank you for reading

I am waiting for the continuation of these articles Slyvain Saurel

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I find it ridiculous to panic when bitcoin falls, Because Bitcoin doesn't upset anyone who believes in it.

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The market is directly affected by the news.

Of course, there will always be highs and lows. The main thing is how you manage the process as a result of these highs and lows.

While someone sees this decline as a buying opportunity, someone else may get scared and sell their holdings at a loss. I think it's a buying opportunity.

I've never heard about the 5 by 5 rule but i think it's so true and real.

"Some may even come to you and say that you were lucky enough to buy Bitcoin at $30K in the summer of 2021." I totally agree with this statement. If Bitcoin reached $60K, that would happen again. It's great time to buy and hold $BTC.

Thanks for the article, Sylvain!

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The market is not moving these days because of the news. I feel more like the news is being made up. The same things constantly. The fall is happening, and then there are news like India has banned it, China has banned it. It's all my idea. I could be wrong. It's just intuition.

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I think in the future paper money will disappear and everything will be digital. For this reason, I think that the more we hold of Bitcoin, the most popular and best of cryptocurrencies, the better.

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I want to see a time when everything is done digitally it would be absolutely amazing

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Future is Bitcoin 🚀

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Every investment vehicle rises or falls for certain reasons. These reasons sometimes affect them in the long term, and some of them are temporary.

While Bitcoin was at the level of 64 thousand dollars, it saw 30 thousand dollars in May-June.

Now the reasons for his dreams are clear: China, Elon musk, the use of fossil fuels, etc. Let's take a look at them.

If we take China; China has been trying to restrict innovations since this market existed and even before.

For example, the Google browser was introduced, banned and released the 'Baidu' browser. It produced alternatives such as 'Youku' instead of Youtube and 'WeChat' instead of Whatsapp. So you see, the problem is not Bitcoin.

On the other hand, bitcoin transactions are already limited in China. It has been this way from the very beginning, but by exaggerating this situation, the American financial media, which describe such a situation as if it is the first time, are the biggest criminals in my eyes.

There has been a lot of good news since May. Many networks entered the race for self-improvement. Blockchain began to integrate into the real world faster than before. Such positive events, on the other hand, were not reflected in the news media.

On bad news, they immediately FUD. They keep the positive news in the background.

Another example, Bitcoin lost 10 percent right after Elon Musk announced that the use of bitcoin in Tesla vehicle purchases was suspended. Elon Musk argued that behind this decision, it was to prevent the use of fossil fuels. So my first question to you is, didn't an intelligent person like Elon know this before? Until a few months ago, it was manipulating the market in a positive way (I am also against this situation).

Anyway, this thing happened. And to everyone's ears, the FUD spread and the decline took place. It may be ok so far.

Now, Elon Musk has said that his company can continue to receive payments in Bitcoin depending on its energy consumption. However, there is only one condition, that at least 50% of the energy used by miners must be renewable.

It has been revealed that Bitcoin transactions are made by using 56% renewable energy.

So, how much of this situation was reflected in the media? Only we know this, that is, investors who follow well. Unfortunately, those who joined the market later, sold at a loss and withdrawn, are not aware of these news.

I extended the word a bit, but we are in a difficult process. The 5 by 5 rule mentioned in the article is a very good example. And the remaining information is invaluable. By thinking rationally and doing some research, you can increase your confidence in this technology or investment vehicle.

Thank you for reading.

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As you said in the market, good news is kept in the background. I think that's because people have been waiting for a fall for a long time. They have to give up because they get what they want. It shouldn't be when the majority wants it. Very good comment, Thank you.

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The 5 by 5 rule was just amazing

Honestly i never heard about that rule and after reading your lines I felt that wow i knew this for years but never knew the exact name for it lol

Talking about weak hands and strong hands there are still many weak hands in the market but i believe they don't wanna sell in a big loss maybe and i believe we will see a price rise soon in BTC because many supporters don't wanna lose the chance to grab the BTC at 30K$

Being an BTC Holder since 2015 made me realize that you will see many ups and downs but never panic in your life.

Everything has a fixed time and BTC Proved it According to time from Bottom to The Top and Mark My Words

BTC Will rise to $100K in the coming future and I can't exactly predict any date or any Month for it but it's the best time if you wanna be a holder of BTC

Getting an opportunity is luck too and if you grab it you can change many things :)

"Everyone Gets a Opportunity , It's you who have to make the decisions"

- ( Can't Remember 😅 )

Thanks for another Great Article Sylvain

Bitcoin ❤️❤️🔥

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Those who have studied Bitcoin thoroughly and are all-knowing should not panic about the dips because they know that every drop has a rise.

Don't let people around you talk and influence you who are wrongly investing their own money and taking losses.

Panic is our worst enemy, don't panic, if you panic and act, you will fail in many things like bitcoin. Bitcoin is something that requires composure and patience, and being hasty will only lead you to losses.

Bitcoin is the technology of the future and I trust it. I am sure that my hard work will pay off in the long run. Even if the news affects the market, do not be fooled and take control. Don't let other people's words rule you.

Thanks for the article.

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People who research and examine always win, I agree.

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I'm very confident in bitcoin in the long run. Because of this, I rarely look at prices. It would be better if a panicking person took it and forgot about it and didn't follow.

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It's matter of time. I quite don't understand people who are panicking even when the price falls %3-4. They seem to believe crypto world as easy money making area, and they think the price will keep rising. That's why there are panic sells when there's a huge price drop.

I was thinking similar to the rule you mentioned, but wasn't aware of such rule. We can apply this rule to everything. If it is something we wouldn't mind waiting for long-term, then what are we thinking to not follow it?

I'm currently a student, if I had an active job I would definitely invest at least %25 of my salary, not only to Bitcoin but other investment channels. Then I wouldn't mind even waiting 10 years, and that's what I plan for my future investments.

Thank you for the article!

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It was known beforehand that it would be a critical week for Bitcoin. Grayscale news scared the investor, and for this reason, warnings were shared by analysts that this week would be extremely critical in terms of Bitcoin price. The fact that we made the lowest weekly close in 2 months seems to have done its best to trigger these bad scenarios. A higher weekly close would have relaxed the cryptocurrency market. However, on the contrary, there was a negative closing with the effect of negative news.

Apart from these negatives, we have heard positive news and it can bring the rise again. Jack Dorsey attended The B World conference organized by the Crypto Council for Innovation on Wednesday with SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood.

Dorsey added that he hopes Bitcoin will ensure world peace in the long run.

Speaking at the conference, Musk said that Tesla, which stopped selling vehicles with Bitcoin in May, will likely accept the cryptocurrency again.

Musk also announced that he has invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin in addition to the Bitcoin held by Tesla and SpaceX.

The statements made at the conference mobilized Bitcoin and the price of the cryptocurrency rose above $ 30 thousand again.

In fact, all of this is unnecessary, everything is clear, there is no need to take panic. Bitcoin has proven and continues to prove itself very solidly. “The future belongs to those who can recognize opportunities before they are obvious.” and we are aware of everything, a great future awaits us.

Thank you for this informative article.

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Just hodl. This is my solution.

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A few people told me that if BTC 20 30k, they would buy it. But then it was BTC 58k. And now they've sold what they have.

There are still weak hands that the market is swinging. When people saw 35k, they immediately thought fomo below 30 FUD. They're not really sure what they're getting. If they were sure, this price would come for free on this date.

I hope one day they understand before it's too late.

Thank you very much for the article.

My confidence in Bitcoin increases even more when I read this.

Immersive and effective.

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People forget what they say. They say if Bitcoin is 60k and bitcoin is 30k, we'll get it. Because they think it will never be 30k. But on that day, they will forget what they said, and sell what they have. Here's the wrong strategy. You must always be true to yourself. Most importantly, this.

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The lower the weak hands, the higher the winnings will be.

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Bitcoin's task is to dominate. It dominates other coins and crypto. It's like the beginning of everything.

I don't think manipulation or FUD is the reason the price of bitcoin is falling. They're just sparks.

The main thing is dominance. Bitcoin remained at a flat price after the Athena. That's pretty much lowered my dominance. The stock market began to lose its dominance. I think that's the real reason. He's doing a rally to rule again. The ups and downs. I think things will improve when Dominance is 50% -60% again.

This is just a loop. It needs to be analyzed well. If it is acted on by emotions, it causes wrong decisions to be made.

Thanks for the post. These articles remind me why I buy crypto. It refreshes my faith.

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It is enough to examine Bitcoin's privileges, historical charts and extraordinary achievements so that you will not regret it in the future.

It is always necessary to reverse the crisis and make a profit, it is a psychological war, it is necessary to act calmly without panic, people often lose because they act in panic. They look at the winners and regret it and wish they had won too. It is not too late, we have a great opportunity ahead of us and it is waiting for our evaluation.

Maybe these privileges of Bitcoin can enlighten you on trusting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a currency designed with a sense of freedom. Especially to get rid of the governing bodies that control transactions, charge transaction fees and control money. Cryptocurrencies have become just as valid for shopping as fiat currencies in recent years, and given the existence of a large number of deep web markets that only accept Bitcoin, you can buy with Bitcoin more easily than with any other currency.

It is also very superior in terms of portability.

One of the highlights of Bitcoin is its portability, portability and ease of use. Because Bitcoin is purely digital, any amount of money can be carried on a flash drive or stored online.

Cryptocurrencies give people the freedom to send and receive money with just the click of a QR code or online wallet. It takes almost no time, has no shocking transaction fees, and is sent directly from person to person without any money intermediaries; All that is required is an internet connection.

You have the freedom to choose the commission.

Another indisputable advantage of the Bitcoin network is that you can choose to pay the transaction fee amount or not at all. The transaction fee is charged by miners after a new block is created. While the fee is usually fully paid by the sender, deducting the fee from the recipient's account is also an option.

Transaction fees are paid entirely on a voluntary basis and serve as an incentive for miners to include transactions in new blocks that are created. This incentive is also a source of income for miners and often brings in more money from mining activities. This income may appear to be necessary for miners due to mining activities that will stop completely when Bitcoin production reaches the limit in the near future.

For this reason, users have to choose between paying the fee or extending the waiting times. Paying a high transaction fee means the process will speed up, while those who are not short on time can choose to save money.

There is no PCI in Bitcoin.

While common rules and regulations may be beneficial for large companies, they may not suit everyone's needs. You don't need to comply with PCI standards when using Bitcoin, which allows users to enter markets where credit cards are not valid or where the risk of fraud is high.

As a result, users pay less commissions, have the opportunity to expand their markets, and reduce administrative costs.

You can control your own security in Bitcoin, everything is in your hands.

Bitcoin users can control their transactions; As with other forms of payment, no one can withdraw money from your account without your knowledge or consent, and no one can steal your payment information from merchants.

Bitcoin users can also protect their money with backup copies and encryption. They are always safe as their identities and personal information are not included in the payment process.

Bitcoin is transparent and neutral.

Every transaction made and all related information are public on the blockchain and can be checked and used at any time. The encryption of the Bitcoin protocol prevents control and manipulation by individuals or organizations. The Bitcoin network is decentralized, so it cannot be completely controlled by anyone. Therefore, Bitcoin will always be neutral, transparent and predictable.

You cannot be scammed.

One of the most common ways to cheat in the digital world is to use the same coin twice. This process is called "double spending". To avoid this, Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, uses blockchain technology and consensus mechanisms embedded in the Bitcoin algorithm.

Finally, as seen in the article, the graphics are clear, Bitcoin has always won and will continue to win, you just have to give it time and confidence.

The future is of course unpredictable, but with such solid foundations, privileges and reliability, it's not hard to say that Bitcoin will prevail in this battle.

We trust Bitcoin!

Thanks for the article.

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Just buy and hold people. Your future self will be grateful.

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At the risk of sounding too optimistic, I'd say the correct question should be, "Will it matter in 5 months?"

I believe bitcoin will soon be back in an uptrend after this accumulation period.

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I hope so.

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"Buy the rumors, sell the news" is the saying.

Or is it the opposite?

Anyway, BTC will rise again.

I wish I could go deep into it now.

Future me is very upset I didn't get BTC bags in 2021.

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I didn't know the 5 to 5 rule.

And indeed, I smiled when I judged the $800 bitcoin price in 2016 according to the 5-to-5 rule.

I wish I was lucky enough to get bitcoin then.

But unfortunately I wasn't.

Five years from now, I would never want to experience the same regret.

so buy and hold bitcoin.

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Buying and holding bitcoin seems to be the best move for now.

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