I've criticized ethereum many times before. They were all on gas fee. But I see that L2 projects have addressed this.

There is a good work on this. Arbitrum has also offered a solution to this.

I've been researching L2 for a while. It's a very deep place. Therefore, studies can be both very advanced and undeveloped. So I think it could be open to attack.

But it's great to see solutions. I hope he succeeds. But the step has been taken for one thing. Even if this is not successful, I am sure that there will be successful projects by developing them after that.

Thanks for the nice article.

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The market needed such projects. I have no doubt that it will be useful for us.

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This is the solution to something that is now a hereditary problem. It's a great thing if I get it right.

It will solve what people are worried about.

There will be more transactions on Ethereum. That's where I think the problem starts.

Projects such as AVAX SOL have received this response. They received a lot of transfers and their network was blocked. If the same happens, there may be a catastrophic scenario.

I'm gonna worry about this all the time. I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Reading about Arbitrum and Optimistic on Cryptowriter articles, I think they are doing great job to bring solution for massive gas fees. 50x less fee is a great deal, looking at the average daily fee average and TVL on both platforms significant amount of ETH users seem to use L2 networks. I hope the solution will not be temporary and find its way to eliminate the fee problem.

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Great article giving a much-needed clear tutorial for people new to jumping off to L2 solutions. I think this is very helpful to clearly explain things. Very useful.

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The more I see such projects, the more hopeful I am for the future. What Arbitrum and Optimism aim to do is very valuable. I hope people pay enough attention to these and we can see more.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I hope more projects move to Arbitrum and have enough liquidity for the masses to use.

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We are so tired of these ETH gas fees. We need a change!

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