Satoshi Nakamoto didn't actually unleash bitcoin on an innocent world, he unleashed it on a brutal world that he predicted would power technology and virtual money.

His prediction came true. And it was a move expected by other investors who agreed with him. New New coins appeared.

And the law of the world, the big fish small fish place law, took action and the strong investors

virtual currencies received more attention. Of course, it's not just that investors are solid that Ethereum and Bitcoin are getting more attention.

While Ethereum contained executable code in network transactions, the data added to Bitcoin's network transactions was often just for note-taking.

And of course the block time.. While Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, Ehereum uses the etash algorithm. And here's your purpose

Proof that they are very different from each other. While Bitcoin was created as an alternative to national currencies,

Ethereum was designed as an application development platform with programmatic contracts in its own currency.

In short, both are trusted and approved by their users as the strongest currency. Definitely the reason why it wasn't before

technology is not that advanced. As technology advances, our view of the world has changed. Making money just got easier, we have access to everything

and we have established a close friendship with the virtual world, besides that, what is missing? Virtual money in short. And the room immediately appeared and aroused great interest.

And will continue to see. Since the technology has advanced so much, everything revolves around the internet and shopping with virtual money has started. I think it will continue like this in the future.

The currency will have no value. Because these coins are used for both investment and commercial purposes. So our transformed innocent world is now

virtual currency will be under control... Thank you for this article, I hope it was useful.

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I believe Bitcoin will continue to dictate the direction of the crypto market for a long time. It's still the main reference and the collective psicology tends to reinforce it.

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