Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Hey all!

We’re looking really good right now on Total MC, as you can see here:

We got the little corrective pullback I said we would get, re-testing the topside of the green S/R zone after breaking out above it on 10/6. This should bring momentum back into the market this week!

I don’t have much more to say; we’re gearing up for the next move as we speak. I am out of all stablecoins at this point and fully re-involved in the market. I’m mostly in RUNE and SPELL right now, as they’re my top picks for Q4 (I’ve slowly converted some SPELL over to RUNE as it’s climbed, as my goal is to acquire as much RUNE as possible before the network is fully back online, which will be within the next 4-8 days).

So, you know the drill: toss your requests in the comments below! If you’re on the fence about whether now is a good time to get involved in a coin you’re passionate about, or you know the team of a project is promising but you’re not sure of the TA side, just let me know :} WAGMI, and Q4 should be epic!


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