Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Hey all!

Sorry for the slight delay in programming - I took a vacation over Labor Day here in the US, and went to visit a few friends.

Now back, and with many exciting setups across the board, what would you like to see from me in the coming week? Please post your requests below!

For myself, I’ve recently established a position in ORN, DEGO, and FLURRY. These look like excellent setups to me right now:



I would post Flurry, but it is already moving heavily, and I wouldn’t recommend getting involved at this point until we see some new structure form in the breakout area it’s moved into. I will be touching on it in the future.

What projects are interesting you lately? Lets see if we can dig up some low-cap gems for the remainder of this cycle! Just note: if your request isn’t readily available on TradingView, please provide a link along with your comment to a site that does have a price chart. Also, be sure to request what you want it charted against (BTC, ETC, USDT, etc.), as well as what timeframe (Swing Trader vs. Day Trader). I want to cater to your specific request and style as much as I can.

Have a great week ahead!

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