Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Welcome back traders!

Hope you’re weathering this dip OK, and aren’t stressing too much. I have a strong confidence that this is not the top, and that we’ll be moving up again soon. Most over-leveraged market participants already got cleaned out from the previous dip not too long ago and are being more careful now. There was no real catalyst for this move down. Elon tweeting, Binance investigation, blah blah blah…. I don’t buy it. None of that has teeth enough to have caused a change in the fundamentals. So hang tight, and stay on the safer side of things (Spot) until we get through this.

In my previous AotC TAking Requests post, I said, “Don't gauge yourself on day-to-day profit or week-to-week profit. There can be down weeks, or even down months. Gauging yourself based on those time parameters will just drain your mental capital. When your mental capital is drained, your mind will whisper, ‘You're not good enough’, ‘You can't actually do this, who are you fooling?’. Don't get to that point.” I hope you took my advice and have not allowed yourself to weight current sentiment so heavily, and instead, have zoomed out a little.

As far as trade opportunities are concerned, I have been buying up GRT here. We have a Bull Flag, within another Bull Flag, within another Bull Flag. Patterns that become stacked like this do not just “dissipate” and evolve into nothingness. This will break, and I think this is close to the floor; we’ve rejected this $1.325 area 4+ times now, and it’s held every time. I’d say there’s an 85%+ chance that we’re going back to the prior ATH of $2.89, which is over a 100% gain. Do with this information what you will.

That’s all for now. You know the drill: please toss your requests in the comments below, and I’ll analyze those pairs in next week’s episode.

Until next time!


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