Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the tremendous feedback on my Christmas Special :} I hope everyone got a chance to participate in the NFT giveaway too (in association with Finny & CryptoWriter), but if not, don’t fret - I’ll be running another one soon! I also hope everyone had a much-needed rest over the holidays & New Years, and have set some great resolutions for yourselves for 2022. Lots of people dip on resolutions these days, saying “Don’t set resolutions on New Years. They never work.” Most of the time, people set very lofty goals, and only fail in the breaking down of those goals into to their smaller more-attainable pieces. It’s best to use a month-to-month system of goal-setting which allows you to check-in with yourself on smaller goals that are more easily attainable week-to-week so you can keep yourself perpetually motivated. I always set yearly goals too though, even if I fall short, and usually outline my year’s plan heavily in the time surrounding NYE weekend. I’ve always loved New Years myself because it always feels like it holds such great potential... When you tick over into that next year, you might feel like you’re getting another shot at a goal you failed at in the previous year, or that you have the help of a completely new year to break a bad habit you’ve been trying to kick. It makes tracking goals easier too, as you know exactly how much time has passed since you set it, or started working toward it.

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