Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Happy Thanksgiving / Holiday season, everyone!

Hope you’re all well, and doubling down on peace & gratitude as we enter the Holidays. Trading wise, lets check out the Total Crypto MC first. This is one of my favorite charts as of late, as it gives such an all-encompassing view of the market:

Total MC - 6H - click to view:

As I outlined in my last episode, we’re simply re-testing previous high (green S/R zone) as new support. This was expected and perfectly normal. It’s happened this whole Bull Run thus far. The only thing that makes this feel “different” is likely a misalignment of expectation: crypto twitter was all geared up for the final massive leg up & blow-off topping pattern at something like $120k BTC, but instead, the market is remaining rational and healthy. As per my recommendations in my last few episodes, sitting in Spot (the coins/tokens themselves) will have you stress-free and awaiting the next leg. You’ve likely heard it before: “The market can remain irrational (vs. your expectation of what it should be doing) longer than you can remain solvent”. The stronger the market contradicts your internal paradigm of how it “should” be behaving in any given moment, the stronger you’ll remain headstrong in your belief & double-down, or other silly gambling-esque behaviors. Buying the dip is one thing, but the ultimate goal is to survive. Never risk leaving yourself with no ability to rebuild!

So, you know the drill:

Post your comments below on what you’d like me to review for you during the next AotC full-episode, coming the week of the 29th. If you have any trading-related questions (proper use of TA, patterns, charting tools, etc.), feel free to ask those as well!

Until next time…



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