Art of the Chart - TAking Requests!

Hey all!

Thanks for tuning in once more :}

We’re looking so good chart-wise here, it’s not even funny. These charts are setting up for truly life-changing generational wealth right now... So many alts market-wide could easily do a 10x from here in November alone. November is notorious for being an excellent month for Crypto HODLers, so don’t underestimate what might come your way within the next 4 weeks if you’re properly exposed to the best bets! RUNE, SPELL, MANA, RNDR, LUNA, ATOM, ICE, FTM… All incredible HODLs right now. Everything I’ve laid out for my followers has played out so perfectly thus far, and I have no doubt that November will treat us all very well, too. I’m proud of my work, and I’m proud of you all for being strong and standing up for a better future for yourselves by being pioneers in such a risky ground-breaking asset class. With no risk comes no reward. Stay focused, stay hungry, and to quote one of my favorite TV shows Billions: “Luck? There’s probability, plausibility, and actuality. Luck is just lazy math.” We’re not doing lazy math on AotC, we’re counting on probability. Great things are coming!

Please put your requests below for anything and everything you want to see me do some TA on for you. My experience is here for you to take advantage of. Let’s make it together…

Cryton Capital


Cryton Capital is not a registered investment advisor, legal advisor, tax advisor, or broker/dealer. All investment / financial opinions expressed in any-and-all posts on this page, including screenshots & captions, are from the personal research and experience of the owner, Mr. Chris Cooper, and are intended to be interpreted as educational material only. Although best efforts are made to ensure that all financial charts and commentary are as up-to-date as possible, there may be times where price moves beyond key levels before the chart can be posted. Alas, this is part of the fast-paced financial sector and cannot be avoided. Also, occasionally unintended errors and/or misprints may occur.

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