This article implies the importance of investments. There has been and will always be economical crushes whether based on wars or other events, but if you make effort to keep your own economical power somehow these situations will nearly not have impact on you.

Sometimes there are moments to go YOLO, we can of course get our favourite snack or take a day off for freshing ourselves and spend some of our money on the stuff which we get satisfaction. However, there should always a 'consideration'. What if I tell you that maybe 1 year later you can get the sneakers you want by holding and investing the money you would spend on 15$ worth snacks? If you manage your financial status well this is more than possible.

We are victims of the inflation, whether we want or not this situation will keep continuing, therefore we should try to find our own light rather than opposing the situation which would eventually leave us all alone in the dark.

Thanks for the article. It means a lot.

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Unfortunately these are facts. They exist whether we like it or not. In some countries the situation is better, in others it is worse. Inflation is indeed a slow death.

That's why Bitcoin and cryptos are much more than just a currency. They are our future.

Very well explained, very nice article. Thank you.

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inflation-slow death, I loved this analogy. Indeed, if inflation has reached high figures in the country, it is very difficult to fix it again. Politicians will always say that we will fix the economy, but they are all lies. The only thing we thought about them was authority, position. Politics is a really bad thing.

I've never had hyperinflation in my life, but my father did when he was younger. My father describes this situation as follows: "We woke up one morning as if we were living in another country". The reason he says so is because he bought what he used to buy for $1, after inflation, for $10. The worst thing is that people stockpile. The market where my father had been shopping for years did not sell anything and closed the shop. When asked why he did this, he said that he will sell it when the prices increase. It is a really bad situation, I hope there will be no more such times in the future.

There was no mention of btc in the article, but seeing how the economy has changed throughout history, my faith in btc increased. I have no doubt that it will change the monetary system.

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It's a terrible situation. It's like a zombie invasion. But I think we have to be ready for these situations. It can be done by making small investments in different commodities. I hope something like this does not happen again. But the situation is not heartwarming.

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The fact that they are aware that it is a wrong way to prevent inflation by printing too much money, but that they have not taken any measures for it, will be what will end them in the years to come.

The biggest example is the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a completely transparent and user-friendly cryptocurrency that upsets the whole evil scheme, that all countries will have to accept in the future.

They know that they will have to do this in the future, because when something like this happened to them, they were caught off guard and tried to prevent it by applying ridiculous sanctions, all these are unnecessary and last struggles.

In order for people to transfer money more easily, they will know the status of their money in a transparent way, they will be the sole owner of the money and many more will turn to the pluses of Bitcoin. Defeating all sanctions together and defeating the hierarchical system of central banks is actually nothing in a country without people in our hands.

They don't want you to ever win over central banks, they just want you to depend on them, and they always want to put an obstacle in your way if you make a lot of money and you have the money. That's its only feature.

Bitcoin is the future, I think it is a logical decision to step into the future with Bitcoin.

Thanks for the article.

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As I understand from the article, the states know that they cannot fight against crypto, they will be defeated against crypto, but they still oppose it. I'm really glad to hear that soon there will be many different things to talk about btc, it will not just be an investment tool.

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It was a long but enjoyable article. Especially after part 3, I felt like I was reading a really suspenseful book. In order to take firm steps towards the future, it is necessary to know the past well. A great summary.

Unfortunately, inflation is a big problem. It affects a wide area from the salary we earn from the work we work to the smallest grocery product we buy. Purchasing power and inflation are directly related to each other. If there is no inflation or if it is at a minimum level, there will be neither a salary increase nor will we have to buy something that we bought last year more expensive a year later.

For that reason alone, crypto is a huge revolution. Even the smallest amount of money we invest now, could become very valuable in the future.

Thank you for the article.

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I'll start by saying the following. You've summed up the economic situation well. What you write is very valuable. I believe that even your experience alone is very valuable.

When I was a child, 6 zeros were deleted in the currency in my country. This was done in 2005. But there are still people who say 1 million for 1 lira. Frankly, I don't think Trust will be provided in such a situation.

If I'm going to buy a coin in crypto, the thing I pay most attention to is the supply. For me, the key is supply. And how that supply is managed. I attribute this to the reason why the BNB folded in a few months. Of course it has an overactive network like the BSC. But constant burns are a great support. And frankly, it gives me confidence.

Inflation makes me very uncomfortable. They're taking our money away. The money they just produced comes out of our pockets. We can't go against it. It shouldn't be that easy. Even if money is to be minted, there should be a referendum. Public approval must be obtained. Just the name of this theft. But they're hurting themselves. It's a problem that's growing exponentially towards generations after itself. Snowball effect. Or an avalanche effect.

Thank you for your excellent article. Important experience. 💯

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Since we live in the same country, I understand what they mean so well. Geography is destiny.

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yes, unfortunately, there are such problems in our country. Hopefully future generations won't be affected too much. I think about them because we're getting worse

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We or the next generation will lead a difficult life. If we fix it, the next generation will only live a good life.

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Gotta start a crypto fund for my kids. Best legacy I can leave them

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Haha better than property

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Trying to suppress the ever-increasing inflation by printing money makes things difficult, and they are well aware of this.

Producer inflation in my country is close to forty percent and all the people are affected by this situation.

I am grateful for the advantages and economic freedom that the crypto world offers us.

I went on an information journey about money, it was very enjoyable to read.

I like that Bitcoin defies the history of money.

I'm here for Bitcoin.

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a process could only be described in such a simple and orderly manner.

This article on the history of money and its evolution over the past century offers us a terrific projection.

We must know the past well so that we have an idea of ​​what we may encounter in the future.

The process that started with gold first evolved into fiat currency, the equivalent of gold. and then reaching a point where gold is no longer sought after.

Let's celebrate half a century of money.

but let's be prepared for the consequences of fiat money, which is recklessly printed with the pandemic.

A serious hyperinflation awaits us.

the whole world

and it will be devastating.

The first oppressed will be the people who are already poor, as always.

So what will save us?

As the Russian writer Anton Chekhov said, of course, work will save.

but now in this age we needed something else to save us.

and we found it.


“After all, money has always been the product of our cutting-edge technology.”

As you said in your article, money will be the product of our latest technology.

and this is the blockchain.

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That's a very accurate point. What's happening is happening to the poor. If there is a war, poor people die, if there is an economic crisis, the poor suffer first. The people responsible for this somehow manage to escape.

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The right of war is always the winner. The winner is strong. The state is in a strong position. We have to break it down.

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Unfortunately, this is the cruel reality of the world.

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We're melting. Some coins don't seem to depreciate.

For example, my money is very weak against the dollar. I have very little purchasing power. But people still don't understand that the dollar is depreciating in itself, too.

The solutions are hilarious. Actually, it's not even a solution. Theft, but legally.

The solutions look like this. You try to glue the paper, but it gets into your hand, and then you want to take it with the other hand and throw it away, but it sticks to it as well. It enters the loop like the other hand and the other hand. They're not trying anything different. They know why it's devalued. People are studying for it. But why aren't they looking for a solution?

It used to be a big problem. But Bitcoin has come to solve this. That's why I buy bitcoin. A lot of people can't solve the problem, but technology solves it.

You gave me great information about the economy.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Especially as a result of the inflationary expansions that emerged in the second half of the 20th century, the central banks began to aim to print enough money that would not create inflation and go hand in hand with real growth, and this has even become a taboo. Starting from the end of the 20th century, approaches targeting the money supply were replaced by the inflation targeting approach, and printing more money than needed remained taboo. This taboo was broken down by the global crisis that emerged with the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the USA in 2006 and then came to the surface with the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Afterwards, as you know, bitcoin and blockchain technology were invented against this system. Unfortunately, you are not making a profitable investment by saving money in your piggy bank. A system that decreases your purchasing power day by day. You should invest your wealth in some tools and protect yourself from this crisis.

Thanks for the article and information.

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Was the date of inflation so short? Frankly, I've never looked into its history. But I thought it was since the money was found.

We definitely need to protect our money. And this is very difficult. Even calculating inflation accurately is very difficult.

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Funny, isn't it? Save money and lose money. Tragicomic.

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More money, more problems LOL

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The solution, salvation of all this stuff cryptocurrency, decentralized finance. But governments aren't making this transition to exploit people, but they're going to come here eventually.

Thanks for the article.

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The day they come will be a happy day, but a difficult day.

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When that day comes, I will laugh out loud

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Having lived in countries with hyperinflation, this article hits close to home.

We certainly live in exciting times and crypto is a big reason for this. It empowers people to break free from the economic burdens imposed by their governments.

As I see it the days of FIAT currencies are numbered, it's just not sustainable anymore.

Thanks for the enjoyable and informative article.

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It was never sustainable. Now it doesn't work. People are in trouble. There are many drawbacks. States need to broaden their horizons.

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Yeah you're right, it was a time bomb and it has exploded now

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Printing more money's is not the solution for inflation in any country !!

Let's understand how inflation happens

The logic - It Happens when demand is high and production of the product is low and if it happens people pay high Prices for those service and product's which leads to a scarcity of product and also lead in increase of the Prices ( The situation in Covid - 19 )

Solution - The effective solution for this is to decrease the credit limit of people cancel the loans try to reduce the in hand money from the market so that people won't pay Higher Prices and situation can be control.


Some government tries to just print more money and distribute it in the market which leads to situation like Venezuela and there are other countries too where the value of money is lower than the Value of a paper to print it 🤦🏻‍♂️

Thanks for an awesome Article Jason

Loved your way of explaination and writing 👏

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The best is yet to come! Thanks Jason!

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I was just discussing the viability of fiat money with a few friends some days ago and I'm going to send them this article to buttress the points I made to them about how money as we know it has changed drastically and the world might have to adopt a central currency for international trade.

I personally believe bitcoin is the best candidate for now but another cryptocurrency might fit better too. Whatever it is, something will change soon and people who put all their trust in fiat will be worst-hit. Even institutions are now hedging their risks with crypto.

This article is full of gems. Thank you for the education, Jason.

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It is a probable fact that existing currencies will die because of inflation.

There had to be an alternative, and Bitcoin more than meets that alternative, and promises more.

It is an immutable fact that Bitcoin is the future.

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