Dozens of unfounded accusations are really funny. A successful person, or success, is usually criticized and scribbled for no reason. I'm seeing the same thing on bitcoin right now. Of course, it's not perfect. But it won't be as perfect as people want it to be. Because nothing is perfect.

Neither is their preference for Bitcoin. But they don't make a sound because they're used to it. The same will apply to bitcoin over time.

Risky? Of course. But every investment is risky. Increasing or reducing risk depends on the person.

Fraud also happens in everyday life. Why does he get so many reactions when he's on the Blockchain? Yeah, it's not supposed to be, and it's bad. But being a hypocrite is worse. In time, everything will be fine.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Nice one!

I agree that banks are disgrace of current monetary system, and they are able to do anything to attract customers; endless phone calls, SMS/e-mail abuses, meaningless advertisement, sending credit cards out of reason... The list would go on and on, because they feed on people and they are in a race to get as much as customers they can. However, when it comes to user satisfaction they suddenly disappear, if something goes wrong they don't coordinate user-oriented (probably because the thing causes problem for you was beneficial for the bank). I don't want to blame every bank, yet in general most of the banks are doing so.

I truly believe that blockchain technology is a revolution which allows us to become the bank of ourselves enables us to manage our portfolio.

However, I don't agree on one thing. We can never now what are the criminals using to launder-money in the banking systems, I'm sure there are thousands of solutions they are using that we cannot imagine until they get caught. Of course it is not true to say that Bitcoin is the main tool used for criminal purposes, considering only less than 2% of world the world is using blockchain technology, but in proportion I think decent amount of criminals are using it because some of the blockchain networks are hard to track since their infrastructure uses several transactions to finalize.

Thank you for the article.

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Good point. Banks are so selfish. They do everything they can to profit from everything they do. They profit from every event that happens, and you have to go to your feet. And in Blockchain, we are the center of everything.

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For a moment, I thought the reasons you listed would never end. In fact, maybe it wouldn't have ended if you hadn't stopped yourself lol. They really think we can trust a system with such a dirty history. God bless Bitcoin! I don't know what we would do without Bitcoin.

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I have a big system in my eyes. This system is like clockwork. It consists of many wheels. It's a long list, like a wheel, a government, a bank, a tax office.

And they all cover up each other's shame. Penalties can be for show. I'm not sure. I hate conspiracy theories. But it works so much that I suspect order. Big money flows etc.

I've never had complete confidence in banks. It has a lot of contradictions in itself. I never used to think that. Then I met crypto.

When I met Blockchain technology, I didn't like anything. Why use the primitive when we have the perfect one? A lot of contradictions...

Thanks for the nice post.

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At least you have something in the crypto. At banks, that's changing.

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People don't like drama because when they come across a dramatic reality they realize something is missing in themselves, they don't want to experience it, but the truth is there.

Facts are dramatic.

Reality is a mirror reflecting the funny situation we are in.

We have to stop living in a fantasy world and see the facts and see what we can do in this scenario.

This is where Bitcoin comes into play. It offers people a great revolution and an opportunity to get rid of this miserable order, the privileges it provides cannot even be compared to the current dramatic order.

You don't realize what they are doing with your money, but because you don't want to research, they got used to it, they said don't earn too much, they blunted your enthusiasm for research.

If you don't like research enough to fall for that bullshit and extravagant tabloids, believe it or not, it will reveal that you hate research and are just a media monkey.

You should have your own opinion on everything and not act according to the words of others. Look at the banks and debts of Bitcoin critics as seen here, which do you think is worse, which hurts the world more?

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People have always tried to make their jobs difficult, but they have not stopped using technology. Of course, one day he's going to keep up with it, and even if he doesn't research it or not, this technology is going to get into his life:)

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What can be expected from something that is central? We are all pro-freedom. The person in the center thinks for himself. That's why Bitcoin is a great opportunity for us!

Thank you for the article.

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Sep 13, 2021Liked by Sylvain Saurel

I have seen how the economy collapsed because of banks at least 3-4 times in my few 10 years of life.

I saw how many people suffered because of banks that were emptied, bank managers who broke the rules and got involved in dirty work.

banks are unreliable. banks know nothing but to make some very rich people richer.

bank owners do not hesitate to manipulate for their own interests and bend the rules as they wish.

Even now, with only a little research, it is possible to see banks against which lawsuits have been filed.

For all these reasons, bitcoin continues to grow and gain trust as the public's money.

bitcoin is an open source and completely transparent chain.

It is possible to easily follow even the smallest operation performed on it.

bitcoin is the money of all people and the future.

It is a torch of freedom for liberation from this crooked system.

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I characterize banks as the legal thieves of the new age. thieves who blindfold people trying to take all the customer's money.

You have explained the disadvantages of the banking system very well in the article. The era is now the era of the blockchain.

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"I characterize banks as the legal thieves of the new age". A very good analogy. I think it's not just the new age that's missing, it's every age.

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Yeah banks suck.

They're a necessary evil (for now)

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Those who choose to use bitcoin and blockchain technology instead of fighting it will win. these attacks and smear campaigns

It won't win the attackers anything, nor will it cost bitcoin anything. No matter how people fight technology, they finally stop fighting

Traditional currencies have always left a question mark about security. security vulnerabilities are much greater than bitcoin.

It's not right to claim otherwise. Our identity and card information are in jeopardy at any time. And despite all the violations, it's completely ignorant to claim to be credible. And the funny thing is

The U.S. media does this, and it doesn't surprise them that they have the most sanctioned banks. bitcoin is at the center of our lives sooner or later

will settle. Personally, he's settled in mine, and the whole world has nothing to do but keep up. such a safe alternative

It seems unlikely that people will turn to different things. Thank you very much for the article you have informed a lot of people about this it has been a really informative and important article.

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Penalties have simply become a cost of doing business and are no longer a deterrent at all. Not just banks, look at pharma as well. I totally agree that Bitcoin is needed, every point is accurate there. What has me most concerned is the inevitability of it, at the same time the article paints a great picture of why it's needed; it also paints a great picture of the mountain that must be overcome in the corruption and money some people make in the existing system.

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We need transparency. Another great one Sylvain. Thanks

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