Behind the Pixel: Artist Submission

There is always more to art than what is experienced. There is the artist that created it; there is the perspective of the audience; there is the discussion that is evoked by the work. Behind the Pixel aims to tell a more complete story about the artist, the art and the influences that helped create the work.

NFT Airdrop

Cryptowriter (the creators of Behind the Pixel) is not just a website dedicated to writing about cryptocurrency and NFTs, it is a community.

One of our top priorities is finding ways to reward active members of our community. One of the ways we do this is through a lifetime of NFT airdrops via the Cryptowriter NFT Membership Card.

NFT membership cardholders will receive airdropped artwork from our signature feature, Behind the Pixel. The frequency of the Behind the Pixel airdrops will start with at least 2 airdrops per month.

As a featured artist you will receive:

  • Cryptowriter Membership Card (currently valued $900-$1100)

  • A newly minted NFT with a QR code on the back linked to your profile and podcast episode at no cost to you

  • Future NFT Airdrops for as long as you hold the membership card

  • Featured article on NFTwriter

  • Behind the Pixel Podcast interview

  • Promotion to our active community along with all of our social media platforms (Twitter, Discord, Instagram etc.)

  • Access to an incentivized, passionate community to help promote you, your work and your Behind the Pixel feature

  • Options to participate in future collaborations (Artist pack drops, promotional materials, features on future platform collaborations, etc.)

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