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After reading this article.

I think I should follow this guy and his Nfts.

I liked their work.

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I thought the same thing. My first job after reading the article was to find his Twitter account.

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I'm modern an art enthusiast, and I try to visit every exhibition around me, because I like looking from different perspectives, and I'm very happy that NFT markets evolve in this way.

Examining his art pieces just got me away without thinking, they are so surreal that I cannot think anything, I just look at them :D.

Creative minds amaze me, they are far away from uniformity. It is so nice to see collaboration of Eric with Cryptowriter.

Thanks for the NFT article, hoping that there will be more of the artists that bring their exhibitions to digital world.

P.S: It's well thought to arrange price of Lakshmi with the strokes of his brush!

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There are artists with very different perspectives in the world of nft, I'm not someone who understands art very much, but when I see nfts like this, I examine the picture for a few minutes. There are really many different artists, and it's an excellent platform for artists to prove themselves.

I will definitely follow the airdrop. Eric Stow, we definitely need more of this, we need people like you

thanks for reading

Congratulations Finney, Eric Stow

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As a designer, it's excited to see arts and new designs in the blockchain world. I love how he uses the colors in a composition. He has a strong composition all his works.

We can stare at the details each 100x100 pixels. Every details of his works want to tell us something. I really liked his work Chakra. Double symmetry technique in that artwork is ambrosial.

I can see that he loves the symmetry on his works, which i love too. Symmetry making his artworks stronger in terms of continuity.

Finally, i really wonder those artworks in a live art. Yes, i mean animation. I don't know if he does animation or not, but those patterns become insane with animation. If he would read this comment, I definitely recommend that he crown these works with animation. "Tagtool" is a wonderful app for this.

Thank you for this article, congrats and keep up the good work Eric!

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It's great to study the NFT. I'm sure it would be the article I'd like the most if it was an article consisting only of NFT photos once a week.

It's an illusion as if the NFT designs are also great. The more I look, the deeper it draws me in. It consists of many pixels. That pulls it deeper.

I'll be looking forward to the auction. I hope these artifacts see their value. Their efforts will not be wasted. He also receives a financial reward for his work.

I'd like to thank Thomas Dylan Daniel for introducing us to Erick. Good afternoon, good reading, everyone.

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Absolutely I agree. post with nft photos every week can be nice

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It's great to see great artists and Arts in the NFT. His philosophy is amazing. His paintings have great details and colors. I was afraid of getting lost in it.

Art comes from pain and shame. What a lovely sentence.

Erick is a philosopher as well as a great artist. ORIGIN FINNEY is fine separately. Vitality, brightness and complexity of colors. A rare art.

Thanks for the great drop.

Have a nice day.

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Somehow missed this posting Cryptowriter’s stories and find them out just today. But for now I’m here staying tuned. Hello finney people, let’s burn dat world with our perspectives, not only our coins! 🔥

P.S. and of course congrats with that airdrop & some other wins of the week

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These are very exciting, beautiful art's, i wish i had a membership card for get them .

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The Art By Eric is Dope and Finney in anything makes it more interesting and Awesome :)

Thanks for the Airdrop

Glad to have so many artist's in our Community ❤️🔥

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This is simply amazing! The Art of Eric Stow is awesome. Thanks for the drop. It's a masterpiece.

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Congratulations to Erick Stow. He adds value to Finney.

His works are truly stunning.

I hope Erick Stow does more works on Finney.

I will be following with interest.

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I couldn't take my eyes off the nfts shown in the article. I don't know much, but they really fascinate people. Congratulations Eric Stow. And thanks for introducing us, Thomas.

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Erick Stow has a true artistic spirit, and it can be understood from this life story you briefly told.

I'm so lucky to have a cryptowriter membership card.

I now have some of the great works of Erick Stow.

I am grateful for that.

Thank you so much for your great article and for telling us about Erick Stow.

I'll go and take a closer look at his art to get to know him better.

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It's great to see a different perspective on Finney. These pieces really bring him to life & open ones 'doors of perception' into the countless possibilities. I would love to see this in full animation, which in this day and age isn't outside the realm of possibility - 3D Maya would absolutely dominate if put to use properly!

I'm not sure if it's cool in the art world to label this stuff, but when I look at this art I get a real Neo-Noir / Maschinenmensch vibe!

Some Maetrik (Maceo Plex) behind this would set it a light!!

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The Finney Short 2 piece is next level. I am very impressed.

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Finney looks like a Saint. Awesome drops for Cryptowriter members

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