Behind the Pixel: Joe Chiappetta and the ArtVndngMchn

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Cartoons on the surface can be simple, easily digestible and transient. While we could use this to justify the unimportance of cartoons, this accessibility helps build the effectiveness of conveying emotional and philosophical ideas in a translatable format that can transcend a variety of barriers other art forms cannot.

Joe Chiappetta is bred from the same line of cartoonists, or just artists, of Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes and Family Circus by Bill Keane.

Not Exactly Decentralized Networks

Succinctly Silly Daddy

The Giving Man

Joe Chiappetta is an artist first but it is secondary in effect to the crypto art community.

Involved in so many projects Joe is shaping the space he navigates: an ambassador for Makersplace; co-founder of the pixEOS art gallery; a contributing member to, and SuperRare; former freelance designer for theEOSwriter, the beginning days of Cryptowriter.

Joe is taking his knowledge and experience and now passing it on to new artists.

The ArtVndngMchn plays a two part role in helping artists and collectors. By using a pack method, new collectors can begin their collection with multiple NFTs. By pairing established artists with new artists just beginning their NFT journey, the ArtVndngMchn gives a platform for these new artists to become exposed to NFT collectors rather than being left alone in ether of NFT platforms saturated with new art everyday.

By creating the ArtVndngMchn Joe has created a community of support.

Ask any artist that has been in this space for awhile what matters, what will survive a bear market, what transcends the money and the NFT sales, and each one will tell you it’s the community.

Joe Chiappetta knows this and thus creates it. Like cartoons conveying deeper meanings Joe has taken something often seen as disposable, quick or fast like a vending machine and created something that will pass the test of time.

We should all help carry his vision.

Carry Me

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