Behind The Pixel: Yusaymon

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Behind The Pixel Artist: Yusaymon

I’d like to introduce you to Yusaymon, an artist I’ve gotten to know through our online conversations over the past couple of years. I first came across his art while working on EOSwriter. In the very early days, we featured interesting artists on the cover page of the site and Yusaymon was the first to be featured. His story, as you are about to find out, is incredible, just like his art.

Yusaymon was born and grew up in Venezuela, his childhood was unlike most. His earliest memories were of an empty house with no furniture. Everything was done on the floor. 

“We ate on the floor, we slept on the floor, our house did not have windows and there was no refrigeration.”

From the fear he could sense around him he felt he could not venture outside, causing him to miss out on key social learnings.

“I did not know what was normal. I didn’t know how to meet people or socialize.”

In those early years, his only form of entertainment was drawing with crayons on paper. All day, every day, he would draw. He took refuge in the smile his artwork would bring to his mother and stepfather’s face. He dreamt of one day becoming a painter. 

“You know when you are a child, you don’t have a notion of what is good, what is bad. You are like a whitepaper, waiting to be written.”

Yusaymon was introduced to the world of blockchain in 2017 by a friend in Venezuela. Intrigued he continued to learn about the technology and eventually came across the Steemit social blogging platform.

“Steemit was the first opportunity for me to earn crypto from my art.”

He made some great connections and friends during this time, one of them being Stellabelle, a great crypto artist in her own right. She introduced Yusaymon to EOS. Yusaymon is proud to be a genesis EOS account holder and has been active within the EOS community over the years. Making contributions to many projects, PixEOS, EOSwriter, SOV, and Vigor to name a few.

The role in which blockchain and NFTs can play in the lives of artists like Yusaymon should not be overlooked. Today, Yusaymon is able to sustain his livelihood by selling his artwork NFT’s through sites like SuperRare.

“Right now I live 100% from creating NFT’s. Finally the starving artist life is being broken thanks to cryptocurrency and NFT projects.”

“I try hard to turn a chaotic painting into something meaningful… Now I am what I said I wanted to be as a child, and I love it. In the present I am very proud of myself.” 

And so you should be Yusaymon! What an inspiring journey, battling through a rough childhood to now becoming a highly regarded and respected artist. We’re looking forward to following his career as he continues to share his gift with the world. 

Yusaymon Behind The Pixel Drop

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We’ll leave you with some of Yusaymon’s favorite works to date. Enjoy, and be sure to check out his work on SuperRare, give him a follow on Twitter.

The Punisher of Scammers

“The punisher of scammers would come to settle accounts, scammers in the blockchain feared her because it was the most terrifying justice in the city, with long black hair, she had access to all the memories of all people and if she saw the slightest mistake scamming someone, then you are finished. She spends her last round of the day, don't disobey the rules.” Artwork dedicated to all the people who have been victims of the scam."


“My stepfather was a malevolent monster, but he was also a unique and beautiful person. I spent many sleepless nights questioning, “What happened to him in the past?” I started school and I was a weirdo kid. It was difficult for me to socialize. It was very difficult for me to join the games at recess. Carnival had arrived and my teacher ordered me to wear a costume the next day. Everyone talked about their costumes from DC Comics, like superman and flying fairies. I came home that day with curiosity about this event. My stepfather assured me that I would wear the best costume, and he told me I would be a cyclops. I was very excited, thinking how I would be an X-Men Cyclops!! That night my stepfather and I grabbed some old clothes and we started to paint it. He said it was going to be unique and great. The next day I felt like a homeless kid with clothes full of abstract and dirty pain. Five in the morning and I was insecure about go to school in that costume. My stepfather approached me. He smiled at me, “Everything will be ok, Yu. I love you.” And he took paint and drew an eye on my forehead. It was difficult for me to contain my tears...but in school that day, I had a lot of fun scaring other kids, like I was a zombie. They ran screaming, and I was their favorite carnival character.”


“I have 1 point of Kambo in my skin.... That experience... the experiences....”

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