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In fact, Binance was even late to list the wax.

Potentially a strong coin but some of the worthy projects backing WAX were already dead as WAX rose these dead prices started to die even more which is not good for WAX

But I believe that in the coming weeks, it will improve and it will return to its former state.

Thanks for the article.

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I believe that WAX still has a long way to go.

Compared to Ethereum, it is way ahead in terms of transfer fees.

I think it will go more stable after Binance listing.

This is of course also related to how many new people will join Atomichub.

Atomichub market seems a bit sluggish right now because of the crypto market I hope everything will be much better.

I believe it.

Thanks for the article.

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The wax listing happened at a time when the market was uncertain. For this reason, the first rises may not be solid. However, it gains more value by increasing its popularity in the medium and long term.

Thanks to this step of Binance, it has led to inform and invest in those who do not know about this ecosystem.

Thanks for the article and information.

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It was something that would happen eventually anyway, and it was something everyone in this ecosystem was waiting for, it's a little late but it's a awesome thing.

Thanks for your article.

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I'm happy WAX finally got listed on Binance, it couldn't take longer! :D

There are some fluctuations in Atomichub due to the listing, because NFT prices are more likely based on USD rather than WAX. However, I know it will pass to a healthy phase soon and more users out of WAX space will be attracted here.

I know why WAX is the best NFT coin: once you got in, you never can get out. Its technical side makes this possible. At first I wouldn't believe I can make thousands of transactions by paying 0 fee, but it exactly the case with WAX. Moreover, as it's mentioned anyone can create their NFTs by just staking a little amount of WAX to NET of wallet.

WAX already had highest amount of users and transactions in NFT space (also crypto space), now it will even get better!

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When I saw Wax wallet and Atomichub, I thought, How can something this big not be binance? It's a forward-looking thing.

I was ready when Binance listed it. I aimed to break 100 waxp every 0.1 increase. My goal is to increase the waxp count. I sold 200 waxp and now I can get 350 waxp.

I think this price increase has negatively affected the NFT. I don't want to get an NFT either. Because when waxp rose, the price of NFT also increased 3x. Soon something negative happened. But I think there will be better things when the price fluctuation ends.

Wax is a very fast network. The transfers we make happen very quickly. I hope you understood the value.

Thanks for the nice post.

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When I first entered the wax ecosystem, I was sure that waxp would be listed on binance and it was what I expected.

The Binance exchange is really working towards the development of crypto, supporting its competitors rather than disparaging them. Binance Nft's biggest competitor is Atomichub, but binance has listed its biggest competitor on its own exchange.

The wax doubled as it was listed and we're happy, but the wax still has a long way to go and I expect it to be $1 soon.

Nft customers on atomichub were more than happy with this news because new users will come to the market after this event.

Thank you for reading

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I think this is great news! What is surprising is that WAX has not been listed on Binance until now. The fluctuation of the price is very normal. Whatever the price level, Binance is a huge exchange. It means a lot for people to even learn about WAX.

Thank you for the article.

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wax is a terrific blockchain in many ways.

its great user-friendliness and sensitivity to the environment is admirable.

The transaction fee is negligible and the speed is great.

A magnificent ecosystem has formed around the wax.

and has a huge user base.

When I first heard that wax was not listed on binance, I was very surprised and thought it would be listed soon.

This listing was something I was waiting for anyway

now i hope many new users will discover wax by this way.

And of course, I'm excitedly waiting for new artists to produce works in wax chain.

I think that one day when nft transfer between chains can be done smoothly and simply, people will now use wax instead of ETH.

so wax is a blockchain with a tremendously bright future.

this excites me so much.

Fortunately, I discovered wax long ago and invested in it.

I am very happy about this.

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WAX is a really good coin.

I expected it to be listed. It was a bit late while I was waiting to be listed with the NFT market.

Actually, everyone thinks wax are fine. Yes, it was very good in terms of price. But it has made the NFT marketplace, which is already in decline, much lower.

Actually, it's because people are in a hurry. But at the moment atomic is also a seller rather than a buyer.

On top of that, the sudden increase in the price has even led to halved declines. I think it will improve as soon as possible, but this time trading can also be risky.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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I met WAX in March. I got into it more and more each day. And my friends and I would always ask each other questions, "Why isn't WAX listed on Binance?" or "When will it be listed?" And it's finally listed. It was actually too late.

The listing of WAX on Binance made me both happy and sad. Because for a while, I've been thinking about selling the GR pack I have. If I had sold for 2000 WAX the day before it was listed, I would have made 2.5x profit now. Unfortunately I saw the news that it was listed very untimely. It was a bitter experience :D But such things exist in the crypto world and they are usual.

Other than that, I'm very happy that WAX is listed. It's a huge step forward for the NFT world we live in. It is very positive in terms of awareness of NFT projects. I think there is also an incentive for new future NFT projects.

Thanks for the article.

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Wax is the Future!

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I have always said that WAX was undervalued. At a point, I even felt there was a conspiracy among top exchanges like Binance not to list it because they may see it as a threat and when Binance started their own NFT marketplace, I gave up on them listing WAX.

Finally, it has happened and I'm happy to see WAX going places. The spike we saw in price was just a reflex and normal market speculative forces in action. The real growth is only just beginning. It will be a steady climb as interest and investments slowly flow into the WAX blockchain and its ecosystem.

WAX will be a very successful blockchain and token, so please go ahead and fill your bags (not financial advice), earn more of it from games and defi. The ride is about to begin!

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The listing was long overdue, hopefully now we'll get more exposure to mainstream and WAX will grow.

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Happy that new people will get to know about wax and it's future impact's

New users in any space helps in s good growth

And it's easy for the users to swap there wax to usdt or any other pairs and Binance has the lowest withdrawal fees in compared to all the other exchanges which is a plus point for regular buyers

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I think WAX will increase further, this is just the first stage

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