Investors trust a project. If there is trust, the project gains value in a sustainable way.

Unfortunately, the Bitclout mentioned in this article is not very reliable. I heard about Bitclout for the first time and researched it directly.

We have a very powerful and dynamic technology like Blockchain. We should not feed this technology to such scammers. In this way, it attracts more knowledgeable and equipped investors and becomes an unstoppable technology.

Thank you for telling us about bitclout and sharing your excellently equipped article. I'm looking forward to your next update

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They can't prevent you from opening cryptocurrencies on behalf of people you don't know, that's what crypto is about, being anonymous

For example, I issued a coin called trump, trump can throw royalties at me, but how far can he go

disrespectfully, coins come out, for example, fuck elon musk coin

There is only one way to prevent them, if the government takes their hands on crypto, but most of us do not want this because there is tax or something.

Cryptocurrency owners only think about making money, but if they make a deal with trump, they can't get in the way.

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It was an interesting read. To be honest, the idea behind this platform is pretty smart, but as I continued reading I started to think that its management is very poorly. Their initial and only purpose is attracting users by using the names of celebrities. If you have noticed, people started to create coins out of celebrity names and most of them flies once they get the attraction they want. I don't see any difference between this and the system of BitClout.

Firstly, they decline to publish statistics of their market; secondly, they aren't keen on answering the questions that raise suspicion. The platform could be more ethical and interactive. If I was a celebrity definetely I wouldn't accept having a coin by my name, without a permission.

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Such an idea had come to my mind many years ago, but I could not realize it because I did not have enough resources.

If they had moved properly and logically from the beginning , they could have drawn a positive image in people's eyes and raised it in beautiful places,

but they misused this opportunity in their hands.

It's really disappointing that a platform backed by big companies like Coinbase, Huobi, is doing such nonsense,

There is a negative image in people's eyes and I think it will blend into the dusty pages of history at this rate.

Thank you for your article.

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The crypto network is a very rich network. There are great treasures in it, but there is also a great dump. There are crooks, there are hardworking people. Bitcloud is making a big mistake. It's bad behavior to use people's profiles without permission. It doesn't just hurt yourself. People's confidence also drops. If people's confidence drops, they can't get investors and thrive. That's why crooks and ponzi should be fought. If people trust, States also trust and add strength to their power. People should also investigate when investing in a unit. He shouldn't act like a fish.

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I think we will see more and more of these social media type companies trying to reach the crypto market, good article!

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Wow This was something different from which i usually see or read

I don't really want to through my opinion knowing such low about the BitClout Project but i think that it's 100% scam and will take the hard earned money of people with him knowing that it is removing/deleting account's of the people's criticising it shows that how dangerous it is to go and invest your money there and If Elon really goes into Bit Clout and Claims his profile by posting the link on the Twitter this can go at a different level

A different hype and maybe a new starting of various projects same as Bit Clout ;)

THANKS for a Awesome Article Paragism ❤️

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I am not calling it a S**t Project but Just Told what i thought and i hope it Comes under "Freedom Of Speech" haha

I liked the concept but not the execution 👍

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I'd love to have a system like this. A site on privacy that uses blockchain.

But what I see here is complete doubt. There is too much lack. Sounds like a big Ponzi to me.

It's a sale without verifying your profile. Everything wants money. I've seen tokens like this before.

Most of them were scams. I think there's a big mistake here.

It's like trying to build a system that should be there and make money on it. I think it's not normal.

They have to eliminate the uncertainty somehow. It needs to be switched to a different system.

Especially people like Kobe who are no longer alive. I'm a Kobe fan. But it's sad to see him here. If something is to be done, it is necessary to pay attention to them instead of completely copying them.

I hope they don't use blockchain badly.

It can come to good places if they remove problems with fixes and improvements. But other than that, I think it will be limited.

Thanks for telling us about Bitclout and your great article.

Have a nice day.

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When I first heard about Bitcolut, the idea seemed very creative to me.

A decentralized social network is definitely something we should have, and I think we can really have it in the future.

Twitter and similar social networks can still be banned in many third world countries.

It is not something we can accept in this age.

last word

Now we all need to learn this.

Do not invest without research.

Many good ideas can be used to deceive you.

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You have to pay to share on BitClout, where 15,000 famous names, including Elon Musk and Barack Obama, have been converted to Cryptocurrency.

On the platform where 15,000 names are converted into crypto money, it is possible to see famous names such as Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, as well as celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow. .

However, most of these names do not yet have Bitclout profiles, that is, their own cryptocurrencies as accounts are transferred automatically.

Investors in the venture include Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. The new generation social network BitClout has transferred the accounts of the most followed people and celebrities on blockchain and crypto money on Twitter to its platform and transformed it into crypto money (token).

Bitclout allows users to earn income through their social reputation. This project has many big investors.

Although it may not seem like a ponzi at first glance, it is necessary to take into account the comments made by so many people.

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I mean I wouldn’t like government regulating it, but I also think that I wouldn’t like people doing shit in my behalf 😂

What a weird concept freedom can be

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Everyone is free to do their own things

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I remember when the bitclout thing happened on twitter... Everyone was going crazy and calling it a scam. I thought it was a scam too.

Then I was talking to WhaleSharkPro during an AMA one day and I asked him about it ... He laughed and said that it's not a scam and he has invested a lot of money in it.

No more doubts from me.

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Super interesting read. I heard about BitClout but really never looked into it. I think it's a clever marketing move though, and if Musk claims that profile it could be the next big thing. Unless it's total scam...time will tell. Waiting for your next update on that subject. Thanks!

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I think it's smart too. They have huge investors.

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If a project exhibits behavior that undermines its credibility, it will certainly lose its value over time and disappear.

Playing with people's profiles and deleting them is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Only bots and the rich can benefit from this. Frankly, I think you shouldn't even give it a chance, it's best not to get involved at all.

Honestly, it was the worst designed project I've ever seen, I hope I see no worse.

I will continue to use the blockchain, I do not want to be scammed.

Thanks for the article.

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Considering the project, it is a really logical and beautiful project, but I did not like the way it was put into action.

There seemed to be a lot of omissions and doubts. They cheated people using famous names like Elon Musk.

It's really not nice for people to delete their profiles. They never managed this project properly. It's sad that a platform backed by big companies behaves like this.

What you need to do in order not to be fooled by deceptions in such situations is not to invest without research.

It was a really interesting article.

Thank you.

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