At the beginning of the post I thought it was just a Fud. I even turned it off on the first one and decided to read it on the second one.:( Really nice documents.

Yes, BTC is falling right now. But I have a plan. I have dollars. I get a piece on each support. BTC is very difficult to understand.

You said a lot about stocks. a 5% drop means a disaster. Crypto is not like that, and that's what I like best. It's very hectic.

I have a friend who deals with stocks. He told me to tell him about crypto. He said he wanted to deal with crypto. I told him this. I just lost a 40% balance while eating. Another day, when I got up in the morning, my wallet made 2x.

He was scared when he heard about it. He said he was going to have a heart attack. That's what I loved about it. He keeps me busy all the time. Since time immemorial, no time of my life has passed in vain. I'm studying, working out, playing sports.

I was sad when I stayed at home because of Covid-19. In case my time will be wasted. I haven't had any free time since I got into crypto. My slightest gap is spent dealing with crypto. And that connects me to crypto.

Thanks for the nice article.

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We can never predict the future.

Personally, I believe that bitcoin will future. Because of this, I like the drops. Of course, because I didn't go in at all. I think these opportunities should be evaluated.

Analysis is a fact, but I think more important is faith. If you don't believe in it, buy it, if you don't believe in it, sell it. I think it's the whole thing.

Thanks for the article.

It's descriptive and beautiful.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks for the information and analysis. There may be short-term decreases for BTC, but I'm sure it will rise in the long run.

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Thank you for the article. The Crypto Market havve more ups and downs than the stock market.

A 10% gain or lose can happen daily.

When I look at the BTC chart it is hard to tell where we are at the moment.

I think nobody can really say what will happen next. It could reach a all time high or not.

But my guess is with growing Usernumbers the Market will go up.

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Crypto is a wild ride. Best we can do is hold on to projects we believe in and accumulate as much as possible. Everything else is just speculation and the chance to get rekt or get super rich.

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The market is entirely based on psychology. Not gonna lie, I'm a little scared. But thanks for your article, it's better to see everything in numbers and charts. Let's think positive so that it will be positive. Of course, there is no such thing as constantly rising, there are also decreases in it. The key is to be patient and stay calm. As long as we achieve this, good days will be waiting for us!

Thanks again for the article!

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Very good assessment of the movements of the bitcoin market and things we need to consider when we look at the moves up and down. This is a very helpful assessments of market moves and important things to watch and their meaning. Thank you for the article and things to think about.

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I like reading this, especially after seeing Bitcoin hit 40k. You will never know what will happen and you can never guess. A silly news can sky-rocket the market whereas it can also make it dig a hole underground.

Seeing all these stuff I manage to keep myself calm, because it is what it is. If you don't embrace the volatility then what is the motto of involving in crypto and thinking it will be the future. My motto for now is: 'It is what it is'

Thank you for the article.

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Hodl, buy the dip, hodl, buy the dip...that's all you guys need to know!

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