When I first entered the stock market, I had these features, but if you have these features, the promise not to enter the stock market was too heavy, slyvain.

For example, I used to think that BTC was just an investment tool, but now I understand its importance for the future, I mean, people can change as they learn and put effort.

There is a black man who bought btc when it was 5 dollars, he is now a millionaire, I can't remember his name, and when I saw that man, I became interested in the crypto market, but day by day, I realized that nobody gets rich all of a sudden. The billionaires we see on the internet have suffered a lot to become that. It's true that crypto makes quick money, but no one gets rich all of a sudden.

Another mistake I made in the past was that I was constantly looking at the stock market. I spent hours at the computer looking at the price of the coin. I would be happy if the coin was worth 1 cent. I am ashamed now when I think about those days. Don't get me wrong, I respect those who analyze for hours on the computer, I mean those who watch the blank screen. This is because we are excited and rookies, but over time we get over them. I have many investments that I can't remember now, I used to check them every second.

There are a lot of people who panic and take their money in big falls, I don't know if they are doing well or badly, but I am one of those who do not, because there is always hope in me and I designed a plan. sometimes this can be stupid because I am making a loss but I have a thought that we are just at the beginning of the road, btc has a long way to go, indirectly other coins will rise, so the market will definitely rise, if the coin does not go bankrupt and close, the coin you made a big loss will rise one day and you will make a profit, but how much? I don't know if you will hold it.

I would like to give an advice, I usually apply it and I like it. Before buying a coin, definitely set a sales target and withdraw the principal when it reaches the target. As a result of this, your self-confidence peaks and you are happy, I think, give it a try.

Slyvain, everything written in the article is definitely something that a person who buys and sells crypto should not have. It's ridiculous that people don't enter the stock market just because they have these characteristics, because people can change, they can improve themselves, you taught us to learn from mistakes.

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I do not have any of these 4 symptoms. Situations that should not exist in an already knowledgeable investor.

I want to write one by one and briefly.

You want to get rich quick;

Believe me, there is no certainty of getting rich easily or quickly in any job anywhere in the world. You can be, but it's never certain. In this market, you must first love and trust this place, being rich is the result of this business. If you go in with that thought from the beginning, you will only be poorer.

You don't understand why Bitcoin is so valuable;

Let me tell you why bitcoin is so valuable in my own way. Think of your Smart Cell phones One of the best inventions of the 21st century. It is a valuable solution as it frees us from carrying around a computer, a game console, a music player and a photo camera.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, provides solutions to problems such as being tied to banks or governments, decreasing purchasing power, 8 am to 5 pm slavery, corruption. Here is the magnitude of the problems that Bitcoin removes from value.

You don't have the guts to handle big price drops;

There are always rapid changes in this market, either up or down. The important thing is to control your risk situation while the situation is stable. You should sell somewhere on the rise and buy again on the losses. In case of more and long-term depreciation than expected, you should be like a turtle.

Patience is the most important need. Only with patience and good research will you make investments that you will be very happy with in the end.

You like to be a slave to the current monetary and financial system;

Yes, unfortunately, 80 percent of the world is in this situation, but these people can change many things and make the world more livable. Their lives go on in a lie. They work like a robot from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. So what for :D

Thanks for the article, nice article Sylvain.

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There will always be work from 8 am to 5 pm. I don't think bitcoin will change this. When he says that the btc system saves from slavery, he does not mean to stop working idly, but to make the incomes fair. It should not be forgotten that not everyone can be rich, someone will lose so we can win.

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The people you mention care more about the opinion of the majority than their own. Maybe the problem starts here. After losing their money with hearsay information without doing their own research, they blame Bitcoin.

Investors who understand the reason for Bitcoin will be able to benefit from its revolution. Someone who has one of the 4 problems you mentioned, first needs to solve this problem and understand Bitcoin in depth. It's easy after that.

Thank you for the article!

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Your worst enemy is hearsay information. People trust and invest without any doubt.

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Patience is everything. Bitcoin is also a special thing that requires patience and effort. By being patient and increasing our research on Bitcoin, we can increase our knowledge level and take more solid steps.

Money can be lost or gained, the important thing is to have a good grasp of the reason for Bitcoin. After achieving this, it will not be difficult to understand that Bitcoin is more than an instant profit tool.

Thanks for the article!

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People want to win the easiest way. But that's close to impossible. Indeed, patience and effort are very important.

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These people are also vulnerable to manipulations. I think even a decent percentage of current Bitcoin holders aren't able to understand its true power and they have one of the four sins you have mentioned.

I think main focus here should be trying to embrace more players into crypto world, not the ones who has obsession but the ones who are keen on learning. Then, we can really talk about the properties of Bitcoin and how can we utilize them in the best way.

Thanks for the article!

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Being patient explains a lot of things, actually it is not for those who want to get rich in an easy way Bitcoin I agree with you.

Bitcoin is a financial freedom, as I always say.

The best investment tool in my opinion is Bitcoin.

Because it earns me more than things like gold or dollars.

It has sustainable technology and limited supply, which makes it unique.

My money cannot be sanctioned by external forces and I can trade whenever I want.`

My only advice to people against these problems is to do more research and proceed by making a good assessment of the risks they can take in their own decisions.

I would like to remind you that Bitcoin is the most reliable freeing currency as today's money.

If you decide to buy Bitcoin, you should definitely learn a lot before doing so.

So you can understand Bitcoin and your doubts will disappear.

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You are right. It's impossible for someone who understands Bitcoin not to own bitcoin. But I think the problem is investigating. Most people aren't even investigating in 2021.

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There are too many people who want to make money fast. Because of this, the casinos are still standing. And casinos gathering a lot of customers.

They don't want to wait. But the technology they're missing is actually huge. They don't want to explore, read, understand.

They want to get rich the easiest way, the fastest way. If they don't change their minds, they'll have nothing left.

Very few have been rich from gambling or anything like that. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has already changed the lives of many people. Bitcoin protected his money, added value, facilitated his transfers. But people are still taking the example of this fast-rich, minority group.

The people I talk to about Bitcoin are like parrots. Maybe it's a false statement, but they all say the same thing. As if someone had ordered it. But what's really happening is that they don't investigate, so they believe what they're told.

I hope this group starts investigating as soon as possible. It's up to him whether he gets it or not. But at least he'd better find out and realize that this technology exists.

Maybe he'll come into the new age with us.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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So everyone should know themselves well. Although he is not a good manager, if he knows his own shortcomings, he does not enter the areas where he will make mistakes. For example, for someone who can't stand to lose, margin trading is not appropriate.


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Bitcoin is a great technology. Or rather, the crypto world is perfect. It has no boundaries. You can always buy and sell on the road at home day and night.

That's why I left the traditional exchanges. They're always on vacation. I can always trade in crypto, while the traditional exchange is in certain time zones on weekdays ....

The whole world is against it when it should be an example. Or some of them are coming out. Of course, he should be criticized. They can't improve their shortcomings if they're not criticized. But let it be criticized logically. Get constructive criticism

Thank you very much for the beautiful article.

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It's strange to me. It's after 5 o'clock, you can't have it anymore. You want to sell, you can't. You can't have it for the weekend. If he's too mobile, he'll shut himself down. It's starting to sound very interesting now.

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I think in general most people aren't ready for Bitcoin yet. Price crashes can be very scary for the average Joe.

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If you don't have patience in this Market My only suggestion to you will be to exit the Market on your own otherwise i know that you will exit if in a loss because of lack of patience

The thing is that people just see their friends or someone known to them getting rich by Cryptocurrency and they enter the market but they don't see the patience and knowledge the other person had to get to that income and the time he/she Invested there

Many people have made there mindset that enter the market sell at profit and you are rich but to get to that profit you must have patience in you you must have the guts to experience a bear market where your 100K investment might turn into 10k too but you have to wait

If you have the assets in crypto you can't say that you are in loss but after selling those in a loss makes that investment a loss ( Complicated Right ? ) No it's not that complicated everything is in your mind

Just do the best research you can before entering the market and i give you a gurantee that you can fulfill your dream too

Half Knowledge is more dangerous then no Knowledge at all :)

Thanks for any amazing Article Sylvain

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Money has been around for centuries in some form or other, and having something tangible to trade with has been the norm for most cultures around the world. Technology and then covid have supported a move towards a cashless society though, but transitioning to bitcoin and blockchain is another dimesion with a lot of unknowns. There is a lot written about what Bitcoin can offer, and after doing the research it does make sense to invest, but many people do not have the time or energy to focus upon researching, and therefore until Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are being more commonly used, I think it will continue to be seen as a high risk investment and avoided by many people.

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In fact, if they know that even simple bitcoin research is enough, they immediately invest in cryptocurrencies. I think this is because people are lazy or afraid of losing money.

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In big falls or rises, they say it's unsafe because the system doesn't shut itself down. If it rises, it's fine, but it falls, it's a problem. But you're right. If everyone knows what they're buying, it's not risky, it's a great market.

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Learning patience is also a matter of patience. Your patience accomplishes more than your strength. If you want to exceed your limits, you need to learn to be patient. This is behind every success. Nothing will suddenly be yours, you will make a patient effort. Not understanding the reasons why Bitcoin is valuable is the conclusion reached by people who do not completely research. If you say that Bitcoin is worthless even though you have researched, you are either very rich, you want to manipulate, or you are one of the classic people who are used to being a slave of the current system.

Bitcoin's big price drops should not scare you, it's in the character of Bitcoin. Instead of being afraid and worried, you should take a look at the past rises of Bitcoin in the case of current scenarios. If you can't think well enough to make logical moves and you are fussy, then Bitcoin is not for you. You should research more and become more psychologically ready after all. I believe that you can make moves to turn big falls into opportunities.

People who have accepted to be the slaves of the current system and say that they are happy in this direction and continue their lives in this way are completely closed to learning and robotized people, just like artificial intelligence, they have a software that accepts everything offered to them and is closed to innovations :)

Thanks for the article Sylvain.

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Not everyone can understand Bitcoin, this technology, and people who do not fully understand it already, as time progresses,they will realize what a great invention it is for humanity.

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BTC will even out the playing field and remove the need for middle man/men

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Free Yourself! Go BTC!

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