I love that you included the historical prices of bitcoin of past death crosses - hopefully it's an eye opener to people that are scared to hold Bitcoin that things will eventually settle down and it'll continue to trend upwards. Impatience is the real death cross and what causes people to lose money in this space. We'll definitely see some panic in the space, but glad we're able to stay educated through these cryptowriter articles.

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You should check the previous article if you like Death Crosses

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After the Death Cross

Many FUD's have started. Try ignoring them

Sit in your balcony Have A cup of Tea/Coffee and Try To Go Deep in The Market History Of Bitcoin, About Crypto , About the History of Crypto because if you are panicking i must say you are a beginner and don't have a full knowledge about Crypto and Bitcoin and its History.

So take Full Knowledge and then i can surely say you will never panic

Hodlers Have Diamond Hands 🙌

A small plant also takes time to become a full grown Tree

Just wait and Watch Bitcoin Grow and Grow :D


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The death pass in Bitcoin can be scary for many people, and it's understandable.

but given the statistics and bitcoin dynamics, I see no reason to panic.

Bitcoin is a long-term revolution.

Don't let such moves scare you and cause you to sell your BTC.

don't get caught up in fomo

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If you´re a true Bitcoin believer these things will not frighten you.

Keep on HODLING and enjoy your future.

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Although technical analysis is important, I make my choice in the direction of fundamental analysis.

Bitcoin is a technology. And this technology, in my opinion, will win.

Because of this, I didn't look at their prices.

There have been huge falls before.

Here, I think, where people should be afraid is altcoins, which are unnecessary.

Of course, solid altcoins provide continuity.

But I think those who have no purpose will disappear.

My view is that bitcoin holders should not be afraid. DYOR

Thanks for analysis and great article.

Have a nice day.

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Death crosses, head and shoulders, descending triangles.....

Just hodl on and enjoy the ride!🚀🚀🚀

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Hahaha I love your comment. 🎢 is this coaster going up or down? 🤔

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I knew that impatient people always lose and I was relieved why I was relieved because it was like that in previous triangles and the end was satisfying keep calm and enjoy this moment long term ventures always pay off.

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" First time"? I'm always reminded of that James Franco meme when I see people panicking about BTC price. There is a valid reason to panic if you bought into BTC at $50-60k thinking you can make a quick 10K and still hold it. Long-term though, this is nothing!

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Like big fish swallows small fish, fear and panic ruled the market, combined with death cross, they got off the ground. Apart from the fact that it has created a buying opportunity at these levels, btc will make new ath.

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Diamond Hands Don't Panic! Just let the Bs & Ts get in so they'll be happy they didn't miss the train, the ride will continue as scheduled!

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Very nice analysis. I am noob in TA and I am happy that I got knowledge of death cross from this article.

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If you have bitcoin, you don't need any panic.

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Just breath and try to stay calm

If it helps just remember that you’re going to die no matter what

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Easier said than done, but yes, strong mental!

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