BLANKOS AT E3 and So Much More!

E3 Announcements

Whoa! This week is a banger for Blankos Block Party. Kicking it off with the Live E3 Twitch stream on Monday June 14, Mythical Games made a ton of announcements and partnerships. Partnerships with big companies like Burberry and The Marathon Clothing in addition to collaborations with Artists like Deadmau5, Quiccs and Michael Lau on future Blanko NFTs.

The Marathon Clothing is dropping into Blankos.

Burberry is partnering with Blankos

Deadmau5 is coming to Blankos

Live E3 Event Twitch Drop!

If you tuned into the Live E3 Blankos event on Twitch and connected your Blankos account, players were able to claim their FREE Blankenstein Blankos NFT on Twitch and mint when logging in the game. Blankenstein pays a tribute to a few earlier Blankos like Dazzle, Terry and a few others. I managed to grab issue # 194 / 1762 (not bad). This was the First Drop of its kind for Blankos. 🔥

New Blanko Dropping June 16th

Rougarou another great design by artist Nicky Davis with limited 4,000 supply will be available for purchase on the Blanko in-game store or web store on 6/16 @ 3pm PDT for $19.99. I love how colorful Nicky Davis designs are and I cant wait to get my hands on this one.


Two new cool Blanko NFTs will also drop this week. Glitter Goth and Menace both dropping on June 17th @ 3pm PDT for $14.99 each. I don’t think my wallet was ready for the speed at which Mythical is ramping up these drops. I think the days of buying 4-8 of each Blankos are behind me. Need to tone it down before I have to file for bankruptcy lol 😅

One last thing!

One day left for my very own SXSW2019 Exclusive Blanko Giveaway! Peanut FC is one of the Pre Alpha OG Blankos that came in packs of cards and given out at the SXSW2019 Blankos Texas event. See twitter post below to enter. Winner will be picked at random with tweetdraw web tool on June 16th at 3pm EST. Good Luck 🤞🏽

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