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It's certain that many people relocated to crypto in Q1 of 2021. This rise of Bitcoin has made everyone aware of the crypto world.

I remember that, one day I was cycling in streets (like everyday :D). Two random guys talking about the rise of Bitcoin. Then I got it, everybody's aware of Bitcoin.

I think what we need to do is to have Bitcoin and Ethereum as much as possible and try to seize the opportunities in other altcoins as well.

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These are decent advices. Actually more than just an advice, they are the golden rules of crypto.

The community plays an important role as the team itself. Therefore, first two crucial points while I'm searching are both whitepaper and social media profiles of the project. They will tell you a lot if you know which criterias to look.

I learnt how to manage my portfolio by making mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes, but if you want direct knowledge reading and searching is a must. I used to dive all in to some alts, that didn't end up well :p. However, I'm glad the amount wasn't huge and I'm a strong hodler.

We can think of it like Power Puff Girls formula: a little bit of will, a little bit of braveness, knowledge and enthusiasm. Then you are good to go!

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I also lost a lot by investing in a very famous project. But I'm very happy. Then if I had won, I would have stopped investigating and continued. But losing caused me to investigate more. And research is winning.

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Yes, popularity is part of the crypto world.

People naturally show interest in popular tokens.

I can give examples like Pig,Shib and Safemoon a few months ago.

When these projects became popular, they rose in direct proportion.

As for the basic use of tokens, I would say we should look at the working procedure.

I can check if the project data is updated on github.

I can also review the project team from their LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, I try to understand it with vapid words such as the promise of making a sure profit if there is a ponzi.

Finally, I look at the supply-demand relationship.

I can say that I look at them in general.

Thank you for the article.

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I think it makes a lot of sense to examine the project team in particular. In some projects, the team can be suspicious. It would make a lot of sense to look at his previous projects, if any. Thanks.

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Cryptocurrencies can be profitable as well as losses.

The steps you've listed in all four great items to avoid harm are absolutely unavoidable.

I would like to add a few steps, humble.

also, as you mentioned, cryptocurrencies with a good community are usually more permanent.

and if you are going to invest in a cryptocurrency, you can get support from a place that lists cryptocurrencies like coinmarketcap.com.

I can recommend you to try your luck in favor of the top 50 or top 100 cryptocurrencies.

And of course, you should definitely take a look at the team and roadmaps behind these cryptos.

It is important at what stage the development mentioned in the roadmap is and how much of what was promised is realized.

It is also extremely important what the cryptocurrency you want to invest serves in real life and what problem it focuses on solving.

And of course, it is useful to be aware of the prevailing perception in the market.

For example, tokens of DEFI protocols can have serious potential.

this list could go on and on.

The last step to remember

You should definitely do your own research.

You're more likely to lose if you're making an investment that someone just told you to.

Thank you very much for the great article.

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You are right. People should know exactly what they're taking. Getting crypto is very easy, but getting crypto consciously is unfortunately difficult.

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A must read for anyone new to the market.

people usually hear btc from a friend. Then he decides to enter the stock market. Their mistake is to deposit money they heard from someone without doing any research like a doge.

Those who start this business should make their own tactics because the person who knows the person best is himself, for example, if you are impatient, you should not invest in coins like btc.

For example, my tactic is 40%, 30%, 10%, 10%, 10%. I divide my money into these percentages and invest.

Thank you for reading

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I agree with you Everyone should have tactics and risk management.

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I believe that Covid was also the main reason that many peeps got to know about Crypro and Bitcoin and it's uses in the upcoming generations and i also believe that After BTC was reaching new heights many news started spreading and more and more people entered the Market between January 2021 - March 2021

It's good that many people are getting knowledge about this and people's go with the trend and the CryptoWriter Trends is coming soon Nft's will rise at the top 🔥

Patience is the key

Thanks for an amazing Article Rony !! :)

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Yes, the pandemic has affected the markets a lot. The crypto world has evolved a lot while some investment vehicles have fallen. A huge audience of investors has formed. This mass has steadily increased. Here it is possible to observe how the crisis turned into an opportunity.

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Here's what I do from my point of view.

I keep half my money in bitcoin. That's because I think bitcoin is the most robust and reliable. It is also less affected by falls (generally).

I'll cut the other half in half. I keep half of them in safe known and successful coins (such as eth-bnb-eos) .

I'm separating another little piece from the remaining piece.

I'm investing a big part in projects that I think are good for the project and the future. Altcoins.

And that small part is risky investments that I use purely for trial purposes. Amounts I can afford to lose.

Anyway, when I rate it to the whole, it's too small.

So far, my tactic has worked.

Of course, it happened in tokens that I said were safe, but were destroyed by unlucky attacks. It's a safe investment tactic for me.

If you have different ideas, please read different ideas if you write as a comment.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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My investment is not so regular. Because I get a little money. And I make additions regularly. I can sum it up roughly as follows:

Most of my money is in strong altcoins. We can say 70%. These coins are coins like eth, bnb. Coins with a 10% lower marcetcap rating. The other 10% is not on the exchanges and I buy with swaps. I wouldn't be upset even if it was rugby. Piece by piece, sometimes it's even $ 5. I'm holding the other 10% as USDT and trying leverage. Sometimes I get liquidity. But I smoked, too.it's happening. That's basically it.

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I mean Rug pull. He wrote keyboard rugby 🤫🤫🤫

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Yes, risky investments are things to look out for. We need to invest, especially with what we're willing to lose.

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Also stay away from shitcoins!!!

It can be fun to gamble a couple of bucks buying shitcoins just for kicks, but don't take it as a serious investment.

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You've explained good. Some people don't realize that. They play with a lot of money, and then they get upset. They don't invest, they just play. They understand the seriousness of the job too late.

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It is a very useful article for beginners. It took me a long time to understand them, you explained them very well and briefly.

Most people come from research and make mistakes and blame bitcoin, but I'm sure they will be successful if they get to work after reading such helpful articles.

Really good explanation, thank you very much.

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I've been investing in crypto units for a while. A very active platform that can be reached 24/7. After that time, I started investing in traditional exchanges.

After a while, I saw that it was a fairly inaccessible platform. Closed at night. It's pretty still. There's a lot of bodyguards. You can't sell in the fall. They kind of bothers me. I want a free platform. After crypto, it felt really bad, and I withdrew my investments.

Frankly, it showed me that crypto is a much more advanced platform.

Good reading, everyone. I wish new investment Friends success.

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This is really useful information, unfortunately I learned this informations through expensive experience. But for those of you reading this great article, it's a great opportunity for them , thank you for giving us informed.

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Experience sometimes costs a person dearly. But they're very valuable. For smart people, experiences are very important. Understanding the mistakes they experienced in the past shows the future.

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Before investing, you should first distribute the amount you have in order to make it more efficient. Then you should research the projects you will invest in (telegram, columns, youtube, twitter...) and discover it before most people.

While doing this, you may come across people who praise projects such as too many advertisements, but never be fooled, do your own research.

If you trust the project you have found, now allocate an amount for it. Depends on your confidence 50%, 30% doesn't matter. But you shouldn't collect them all in one place.

Patience is the most important thing after finally deploying. It may fall after taking it, which usually happens to me :D

However, the declines are not permanent for the projects that we are patient and can really do something. They are valued.

If you want to start from somewhere, first of all, start reading and researching a lot.

Thanks Rony for your valuable investment tactics and article.

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Some places in particular are working with advertising. And unfortunately, people believe quickly. I hope they see the truth.

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Very valuable information, I learned a lot in one article and I realized that I was wrong about some issues.

Thanks for the article.

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