Built-on DAPP: Emanate Q&A

The #BuiltOnDAPP blog series continues to spotlight exceptional projects and teams building scalable, decentralized applications which utilize the DAPP Network universal middleware of services. This series showcases some of the most cutting-edge use cases and remarkable projects being built on our platform today.

Today we’re following-up a recent spotlight for EMT. We showcased Emanate for using Bifrost’s bridge. The EOS-ETH bridge is a product built by leading DAPP Network DSP — DAPP Account DAO. Check the link to this article below:

Emanate Q&A

The team at Emanate provided DAPP Network with a brief Q&A answering why they chose the Bifrost bridge. They also touch-on many exciting new features for Emanate.

Can you go into more detail about your EOS-ETH bridge and why was it important for Emanate to be multi-chain?

Using the Bifrost cross-chain bridge, users can move EMT between EOS and Ethereum blockchains. Given that Ethereum smart contracts have the largest ecosystem, using the bridge allows us to leverage Ethereum’s network effect. Although Ethereum based EMT does not have utility just yet, having multi-chain EMT creates greater exposure as well as it increases public accessibility to the token.

Can you go into more detail about how users, content creators, and influencers will participate on Emanate?

Our goal is to create a music hub that incentivizes all active participants. 

You do not have to be an artist to be rewarded. Very soon, our listeners not only will be able to enjoy music but also monetize their playlist by simply sharing it with others. The use of referral links to invite listeners and artists is another way to get paid on Emanate.

What does the EMANATE roadmap look like over the next year? What are you most excited about?

With the upcoming Beta stage, we are excited about NFT-based record sales for the future streaming. We are also thrilled to introduce monetized playlists for the music lovers, which will ensure that our listeners will be able to support their favorite artists and get rewarded for it.

We distribute music through our partner ONErpm who is a leading digital streaming service provider in the music industry. We distributed music to dozens of platforms via ONErpm, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Deezer, etc.

What are the requirements for Beatport?

To be qualified for Beatport, the artists would need to have a Pro-Connect subscription and produce specialist dance/electronic music.

What do you/they do in terms of marketing & promotion with the top plan?

At the moment, our main approach to promoting Pro-Connect subscription is through events and competitions. For our last competition, pro-connect users did a remix for digital horse racing ZED RUN. The winning track was used as a soundtrack for ZED RUN.

EMT Token Price & Monthly Service Cost

At the time of writing, 1EMT is $0.033, meaning that 10k of EMT would cost $825.

$15 a month gives access to Pro-Connect subscription. Pro-Connect users are rewarded the most. Artists with Pro-Connect subscriptions get access to our Premium Distro, which distributes music via ONErpm. Artists can upload up to 200 songs, get highest payments (including 70% of earnings from the distributed songs), and withdraw their earnings any time in cash and crypto.


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