Chinese Economist Reveals We're All Going To Die - Bitcoin Lets Us To Make the Most of Our Lives

Bitcoin won't change the purpose of life, but it will greatly improve your life.

Written by Sylvain Saurel - In Bitcoin We Trust

Life remains a mystery to all human beings. We learn more every day, but there are still mysteries about life that we may never solve. Invited for an interview on China Global Television Network (CGTN), China's state-run TV channel, Chinese economist Qu Qiang decided to put an end to a great mystery of life.

Assistant Director at the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University, Qu Qiang declared in a very solemn way the following in front of millions of Chinese people:

“If BTC were to become a definitive currency and adopted by all of human society, I can say exactly what will happen with the worst-case scenario: we will all die.”

El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin has governments around the world worried

El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency must have started to raise concerns around the world. Despite its locked authoritarian regime, China is no exception.

Qu Qiang's release is therefore aimed at discrediting Bitcoin once again to the general public. Although the interview with Qu Qiang took place a little before this announcement from El Salvador, the global trend toward greater acceptance of Bitcoin has been growing for several months.

For Qu Qiang, mass adoption of Bitcoin by the whole world would lead us to what he calls a "worst-case scenario". This scenario is one in which we will all eventually die.

Qu Qiang has just unraveled one of life's great mysteries: we will all eventually die. Some people may still doubt it, but in reality, death is a part of life. This is simply his conclusion.

We are all going to die at some point. Bitcoin is going to make it easier for us to enjoy our lives

For me, the question lies elsewhere. Without Bitcoin, we will all die, trapped in a vicious circle of generalized impoverishment. This is the current monetary and financial system. Over time, monetary inflation keeps causing the devaluation of the fruits of our labor.

This infernal spiral is the one in which the central bankers of the world's major economic powers have plunged us since the establishment of the current system in August 1971.

The most incredible thing is that Qu Qiang justifies his thesis by explaining that the problem with Bitcoin is precisely that it is hard-capped. For him, Bitcoin could lead the world to a "deflationary death spiral". Qu Qiang then relies on a historical precedent, explaining that this is what caused the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century:

“This means that the currency will not increase in quantity and will not keep up with the growth of human development. The entire society will shrink and explode. This is what happened at the end of the Ming dynasty (government of China between 1368 and 1644), when there was little silver”.

After attacking Bitcoin, Qu Qian obviously promoted the digital yuan

After denigrating Bitcoin in front of the general public in China, Qu Qiang obviously went on to promote the digital yuan. In reality, as you can imagine, that's all he came for. But to make his point stronger, it was necessary to tackle Bitcoin, which is the people's currency that could tempt Chinese people eager to free themselves from the grip of their government.

For Qu Qiang, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are a much better alternative for the future.

If CBDCs are a better alternative than Bitcoin, it is only for governments that will be able to control their people even better by depriving them of fundamental freedoms.

Because with Bitcoin, the people have complete freedom over their money. It gives people the power to live their lives on their own terms. It is a total paradigm shift.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to lie to you. Whether you buy Bitcoin or not, you will eventually die. The difference is that with Bitcoin, you will have the ability to protect the fruits of your labor from the ravages of monetary inflation and censorship. With Bitcoin, you will be able to get out of the spiral of generalized impoverishment into which the fiat system has plunged us for several decades.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin will not change anything in the human condition. As Qu Qiang explains, we will all die. However, contrary to what he says, it will not be because of Bitcoin. It is simply because this is the natural cycle of life.

With Bitcoin, however, you will have the opportunity to live a better life. The best part is that it will benefit you individually, but it will also benefit the greater number of people on Earth. Indeed, Bitcoin is a unique system that reconciles individual interests with those of the collective.


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