I am amazed. eos is working hard while the whole market is in decline and no one is doing anything

this project will come to excellent places, good luck eos

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Still I'm not used to. I believe in crypto, but I always dreamed it could go this far. I even imagine you'll come to much better places. But it amazes me to see such live specimens.

I'm trying to tell some people about crypto. That you can be in every aspect of life. Social life credit agriculture. A technology that can be adapted to anything that comes to mind. In this forum, we see many examples of this. Different and crazy things every week. People need to understand that. Crypto is not just a coin or a currency that gains value. Something that can happen anywhere in life.

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As you can see, the blockchain technology, which I always try to say, received an investment of 7.5 million dollars by the Chintai company.

This situation is increasing day by day. More and more people are getting acquainted with this technology and hence this market. EOSIO has already taken its place in this technology and is developing itself.

It should go on like this. because the EOSIO ecosystem is huge

Thank you for reading.

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A lot of things are happening on EOS side. Decentralization is the thing that will close the game on our side, hoping that it will continue to improve day by dy. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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EOS is the Future 🔥

Saw this news 1-2 days ago On Twitter

Thanks for posting about it here :)

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The blockchain technology is so powerful...and EOS is the future!

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EOS is seriously improving and getting better day by day. Blockchain technology is very advanced. It is very impressive to receive investment from Chintai company. People learn about this technology day by day, which makes me happy.

EOS is working hard, I hope they get a good reward for their work. I think the project will come to good places.

Thanks for the article.

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I really like how many developments are happening right now for EOS.

This is what is going to make EOS the majesty of crypto in the future (save my words).

Great info !

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EOS is evolving and we are witnessing it.

This is a great thing. I am happy to see the developments regarding EOS.

They have a really hardworking team, it can be predicted that they will be very successful in the future, I hope they come to better places.

After all this happens, I will come here and read these comments with pleasure.

It is a good feeling to witness the future in these times with EOS!

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Again, it shows how big the blockchain is. It's really complicated to understand sometimes. It has the potential to address every problem and solve every problem.

People should read and see. So we can bring what's going to happen in 20 years. It is very happy to see the developments and gives hope.

Thank you for putting it together and for your article.

Have a nice day.

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Chintai, the Singapore-based provider of a blockchain technology platform for the compliant tokenization of traditional financial assets, has raised $7.5 million in funding.

The round was led by Block.one, with participation from Cryptology Asset Group, Collective Capital, Peer Venture Partners and Chimera Wealth.

The company will use the funds to expand its business reach and development efforts.

Led by David Packham, Chintai provides blockchain technology to modernize capital markets for asset managers, banks and businesses. The company's suite of products enables financial institutions to adopt blockchain technology for regulated assets such as securities, debt and real estate. The company uses Block.one's open-source EOSIO protocol to provide clients with compliance-enabled digital asset technology for issuance, secondary trading, automated market generation, capping table management, custody and more.

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Crazy to think that large loans will be backed by crypto in the future.

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This is really awesome Chintai Network is great team and now the build time. İt's EOS time .🚀🚀

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I'm amazed with all the new developments going on in EOSIO.

I've not seen this level of progress on other blockchains.

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If it can break through the major markets. There is a lot of potential for growth with the EOSIO ecosystem.

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This is good news for Chintai, and a good development for EOSIO.

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