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I barely understand this article, probably I will have to read couple times more, because I found it a bit technical.

In my opinion decentralization is always tops, but what I don't get is: some of the chat apps I use have end-to-end encryption, isn't it related with decentralization?

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It's the first time I've heard of Clarion.

I guess I'll have to do some more research to get it straight.

But as far as I understand, it's a decentralized messaging or social media platform.

The part I like here is that there is no difference in safety and performance.

Especially such projects show that the blockchain is very large. I always like the differences.

I would also like to follow this project with a closer understanding. I hope they succeed.

Thank you for giving us some new information.

And thanks for the great article.

Have a nice day.

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Clarion OS wants to create a standalone social network as a friend-to-friend message-spreading protocol without relying on a centralized infrastructure.

A good feature ; is that the base layer doesn't need to agree on the sequence of user activities or interpret the transaction meanings.

All this is perfect for EOS in the future most projects may want to switch to their own network. EOS, which foresees this and acts accordingly, really thinks about every aspect and takes its steps accordingly.

Thanks for the article.

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The part I liked the most was the social media addiction. I think it's a very important problem. I don't actively use any social media myself. But some people use social media 8 hours a day, and it slows down their brains.

Also, as this article shows, the crypto network is a very large network. It's not just about the economy. A technology also used in the social sphere.

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First of all, the idea of addressing unfair problems and decentralizing the social layer is very pleasant.

Centralized service, a friend-to-friend idea that will be very useful to people who are trying to make their voice heard

very successful

Currently the most used and rid of these networks that exploit the millions of people every day with their manipulations

It's time we need a social layer like that.

Clarion is something that really affects me a lot ,something that we need and will be accepted around the world.

Thank you to everyone who worked on the project ideas very valuable and successful.

And Thank you Crypto Apologist Bot for sharing such a awesome social layer with us.

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First time hearing about Calrion and i think i need to look after more details about Clarion and what the project is about and How is their planning .

You have explained very well about Clarion #2 and i understand that it want to create a decentralized option in Social Media where we can use anything or messaging friends without depending on The Centralized Fundament of Social Media Applications.

The project seems really good and something unique same as EOS

I want you to explain more about this if you can ;)

Thank For this Article

Learned something new today ;)

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Amazing info !

EOS is develop a lot of cool projects and this is an example of this.

Thanks for the good info !

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To much stuff happening on wax that I don't have time to get into EOS

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The evolution of the eos system is an excellent event for us nft enthusiasts.

I think the feature that will bring clarion to the forefront will be the protection of information, as you know, whatsapp lost millions of users this year, if clarion guarantees this, it will be very good.

Thanks for reading

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Centralized social platforms such as whatsapp have license agreements as they wish and their rights are reserved. Now, on the other hand, social media platforms adapted with decentralized blockchain technology. That is freedom. The situation would be very different if social media platforms came out tomorrow and said 'all our user information has been hacked' or if they used it for bad deeds. Blockchain should not be viewed only as an investment or money. There will be great revolutions ahead and we are still at the very beginning.

Thanks to the author for the article.

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I like this.. it's time to liberate the people go go go!!!

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Clarion seeks to offer everyone on the globe the means to broadcast their message to everyone who wants to hear their message without establishing a dependence on a centralized infrastructure.

This is great. The idea of ​​emancipation in the social field is a need.

Blockchain is huge and offers social freedom as well, and that may be more beneficial than financial freedom.

Thank you.

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This is a good idea. What Clarion is trying to do is exactly what everyone needs.

A decentralized social network and an uncensored messaging platform, it's clear that the future is here

now the question is

Who will be the first to successfully implement it and bring it into the mainstream?

because it's a really big job

We are talking about a project that will compete with Twitter and many similar platforms.

that would be a great success.

I really want eos to do this and step forward.

Thank you very much for keeping us informed about this.

I would love to use Clarion as soon as possible.

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It is gratifying to see that EOS is making excellent steps into the future.

I can see that he is playing to the top with solid steps.

People always want freedom, so “not being dependent on central infrastructure” is a very important point for me.

Can we call it the popular social media of the crypto world?

I'm sure a pioneering social software will get a lot of attention.

It may even attract more attention than other social media platforms. Having a decentralized system is more reassuring and comforting than other social media platforms, people love comfort.

Ultimately, I think the service industry should produce and offer conveniences and solutions to people.

I think Clarion will do it well.

See you at the social layer of Eos Community...

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EOS is developing day by day and producing beautiful projects, which is pleasing. There are many answers to the question of why we should choose EOS, this is one of them.

The fact that other social media platforms depend on the central infrastructure and restrict one's freedom is a situation that worries the majority of the society. Clorion has solved this problem by "not being dependent on central infrastructure", which is really nice.

Most people will also appreciate the freedom that freedom-loving Clorion gives them. I want to use Clorion, which respects people's secret life.

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We were fed up with the behavior of other social platforms that restricted our privacy (recording audio, backing up our photos, stealing information).

I think that Clarion will add a lot to EOS, which has a clean platform free of all these and a bright future, and will be one step ahead of its competitors.

Everything decentralized is more comfortable and more private.

EOS is leading many innovations and I can see it developing very fast step by step thanks to these articles.

thanks for the article

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