Community, Support, and Funding Making EOS Attractive Again

EOS DAWN was a breath of fresh air for those frustrated by slow Bitcoin and Ethereum applications. Veteran crypto users may have even felt as if they’d been teleported into the future. Transaction speeds and robust applications become the norm on the EOS mainnet and EOSIO-based chains.

Mainnet Growing Influence

Struggle and crisis forged the EOS mainnet. While the mainnet never really faced the latter, it certainly has struggled. Recurring issues centered around block producer influence and system funds (Note that Bullish recently unstaked millions of coins). Much of these issues have been wrangled.

The mainnet is also at the center of unjust defamation. Activity across core dapps continues to grow and evolve through it all. Major adjustments like fee-based transactions occur at relatively lightning speeds. As top chains with substantially more funding struggle to keep up with EOS development, the mainnet aggressively presses forward.

Pomelo and the ENF

If your last EOS visit was at the micro-dawn of the new transaction protocol, you’re in for a surprise. Here are some terms you’ll want to know:

  • EdenOS

  • ClarionOS

  • EOS Network Foundation (ENF)

  • Pomelo

There’s more new stuff, a lot more. For now, just know that EdenOS established a governance protocol. ClarionOS is tackling communications. The ENF is not decentralized, nor is Pomelo, at least not in entirety. Still, the heads of these projects are as EOS as one can get.

Both the ENF and Pomelo are about funding. The ENF has funds and Pomelo develops a distribution mechanism. The key is in leveraging the power of the community through quadratic funding. 

Tops on Pomelo

As of this writing, the top ten most popular projects on Pomelo (including of course Greymass) are:

Support and Outreach

Fiat users want blockchain applications that resemble what they’re used to. EOS is more than capable. Through EOS Support, fiat users can be onboarded with their own wallet and keys within minutes. Live user support promises to be among the decisive advantages of the mainnet moving forward. 

When it comes to making fiat users feel comfortable, a few targeted apps can go a long way. Community exchange is key. Violet Garden puts community on-chain. It instantly empowers users with ‘crypto-nized’ social media that works. Also crucial are EOS PowerUp’s free transactions and the behind-the-scenes security of EOS in a Box. 

Technical, Funding and Marketing

Eyes of new crypto users light up when they expand a block explorer transaction. Advanced statistical tools have obvious advantages. No wonder why EOS Big Data is among the most popular pitches on Pomelo. 

Can’t go wrong with efficient marketing and funding, especially during the dawn of innovation. EOS Bees and EOSTARTER gamify these processes while uplifting the community.

Emerging Projects (not on Pomelo)

Developing on EOS can sometimes be an enigma. This is the case with Shipple token. It began as a joke or sort of a challenge in jest. The events that followed pleasantly surprised both the developer and community.

Today, Shipple fuels other projects like Shippletopia (built on The Uplift World) and BluDAC. Both used WAX to grow their respective communities. Recently, they began branching out to other chains. EOS is on their radar just as the mainnet community blossoms under EdenOS and the ENF. 

Note that the success of WAX as a stand alone chain is a testament to EOSIO technology. The EOS mainnet can compliment and add substantial value to specialist chains like WAX’s NFT hub.

Like EOSIO attracts developers, the mainnet’s low-cost and ease-of-use, combined with raw power, entices premium app developers. Where WAX specializes in NFTs, the mainnet empowers all sorts of applications.

Take Bitcash Bank for example. The team believes that traditional investors need a place to learn about crypto that caters to their experience. The in-development platform will begin by streamlining transactions for top coins. Within months after launching, newly onboarded investors will have access to a suite of promising tokens and DeFi.

Beyond the DAWN… into the Galaxy

Blockchain taking that next step is less about smart contracts and more about NFTs. EOS NFT Standard is an NFT solution with a focus on mobile. Going further will invariably involve the metaverse. Immersys already has NFT shops (and much more). The EOS mainnet can instantly increase its reach by merely connecting Anchor to Immersys. 

Hard to imagine Team Finney as an emerging project. For those not aware, Cryptowriter (Finney) started on EOS. The ENF even recognized Team Finney among its first recognition grants. Finney now spans 4 chains, EOS, WAX, Ethereum, Terra, and more soon to come. The team recently demonstrated its power by leading the Allies of Warsaken competition. 

Concluding Thoughts

Why should the mainnet be concerned with other chains? The potential of the Dapp Network to bridge EOS functionality with other chains is commonly thought of as profoundly influential. Projects like Finney, Immersys, Prospectors, and Shipple all illustrate the potential of an internet high on blockchain. No longer do top blockchains need to be at each others throats. As Pomelo demonstrated, developers can coexist in an environment that supports efforts for creating something truly special.

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