I recently learnt about the purpose of 1inch, a friend of mine was demonstrating arbitrage for a DeFi coin in BSC. Surprisingly it was yielding profit, I don't know how the algorithm works but I'm amazed by this tool. If both of the providers have sufficient liquidity the transfer happens within seconds. However, there is one downside, you give the tool access to your wallet, sometimes if you don't track the transactions it can make you lose some money. (My friend was mentioning he forgot the order and after some time passed transactions happened and he was in loss)

Combination of trade aggregation and information aggregation might yield a decent power. Therefore, Newdex sound perfect! I'm not surprised it comes from the EOS chain :)

Thanks for the article and I hope Newdex will make it work properly.

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I'm not surprised that it came from eos. ahahhaahah

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In fact, it doesn't matter to me whether the stock market is central or not. What is important to me is that the prices are up-to-date, for example, the same coin can have different prices on the exchanges at the same time, and in such cases, some people buy stocks at a low price, send the coin they buy to another exchange and sell it at a high price.

This year, decentralized exchanges have gained a lot of value, I think the exchange interface is effective in this because they are fun and simple. people always gravitate towards simpler

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Actually, I'm a libertarian. But sometimes freedoms bring problems. For example, unauthorized access causes many rug stamps.

People don't know that. He gets it without looking at his total supply from research. At least he needs to know what percentage of that supply is in which wallets for his total supply.

In situations like this, people take it once and cry when it's rug pull. He's vilifying crypto everywhere. At least inform uninformed people. About the risks. Or a standard should be introduced.

A great article. Hope people are informed. I hope everyone wins.

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Schools should have blockchain classes

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Blockchain technology engineering has opened in some universities, this is a bit promising

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I hope we go one day :)

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During the pandemic period, people turned to cryptocurrencies to protect the value of their money and we had a great bullish season, however

Reached high liquidity in DEXs.

1inch is a decentralized exchange dex aggregator that connects dexes to a single platform to enable traders to find the most efficient swap across all platforms. A trader needs to look at a lot of exchanges to find the most efficient price for a swap. here are dex aggregators, providing efficiency for swapping dexes, eliminating the need for manual control. The 1inch token is the main ERC-20 token of the 1inch protocol and is a governance and utility token that will be used to manage all the protocols developed by 1inch. Thanks to the networks it supports, it makes traders happy.

Dextools is a tool that must be used by those who operate on dexes. You can instantly view the new pairs on the dex s, get alerts for new pairs, and understand whether the token is safe with the DEXTscore. So, it is a super formation where we can follow all the happenings on the dex.

Newdex is the first EOS-based decentralized exchange in the world. It was created with the vision of supporting secure, fast, and transparent features, creating a next-generation platform for digital asset exchange, and moving the industry to an ideal era. The plan to adopt DEX aggregation is a really innovative great plan.

Thank you for your informative article.

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I hope they support dex collection more as you said and thus better seasons for the investor begin

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There are several ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the industry. These are CEX, DEX, P2P and OTC. CEX stands for Centralized Exchange, that is, exchanges with a centralized administration. Listing cryptocurrencies on these exchanges, in which parities they will be listed, and making decisions about crypto money users are determined by a management. Binance, Kucoin, Huobi are well-known decentralized exchanges.

DEX, on the other hand, is decentralized exchanges that stand for (Decentralized Exchange). In these exchanges, all decisions, buy and sell orders, except for the infrastructure service, belong to the users. The advantage of DEXs is that it does not keep your identity and crypto wallet information in its own database, and the trading fees are relatively lower. Binance DEX, Idex, Etherdelta, Forkdelta and Uniswap are the most famous DEXs. Especially in 2020, Uniswap decentralized exchange has made a name for itself due to its high volume.

The advantage of CEXs is ease of use, relatively low commissions (as fees can increase from time to time only on Ethereum-based CEX exchanges), customer service, etc.; The advantage of DEXs is the diversity of cryptocurrencies, higher wallet security, and less bureaucratic hurdles. Apart from this, there are also P2P exchanges, that is, exchanges where transactions are made between users, and exchanges that carry out transactions with a large volume, which we call OTC, whose price is determined by the time tool.

Things to Know in Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

While there are difficulties such as withdrawal and deposit limits in CEXs, that is, centralized exchanges, KYC (identity verification) requirement after a certain transaction limit, stopping deposits and withdrawals from time to time; DEXs have no such limitations. However, DEX, that is, decentralized exchanges, is less user-friendly in terms of interface and it is not possible to undo the wrong transactions. In this respect, while new users can use centralized exchanges comfortably, medium professional and professional users prefer decentralized exchanges. Although decentralized (DEX) exchanges promise higher profits because projects are listed before they enter the major exchanges and are not priced, they are also more risky due to price differentials on trading boards.

The most well-known decentralized exchange is currently Uniswap, This exchange lists Ethereum tokens. Independent projects are preferred by start-ups due to the fact that there is no listing fee and each user's ability to easily add liquidity. However, the ease of adding liquidity and the absence of any verification system; fraud easily

cause to be realized. Therefore, it is necessary to beware of fake projects in the use of decentralized exchanges.

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Thanks for the article, you told everything about the DEX.

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Of course, the future will mostly be built on decentralized applications.

because I think that's the nature of crypto assets.

that is, it gives you an uncensored and unblockable range of motion as well as full control over your money.

Although we have seen this field grow with great momentum, I still think it is far from its true potential.

There are several simple reasons for this, high transaction fees and the dilemma of whether it is secure enough.

The release of many new tokens on feature-def protocols every day creates a risky environment.

At this point you mentioned DEXTools and . Apps like DEXGuru will make things more attractive to the user.

eos, with its experience and community, has created Newdex to gain a serious place in this field. this is exciting.

I will continue to watch and learn.

Thanks for your great article.

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Agree with you :)

Decentralization is the future

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Yes, decentralization will future. But I think it should be closer than the future.

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The rapidly growing crypto market, unfortunately, has given opportunists a lot of opportunities. Especially when shitcoins came out, they doubled. Still continues. There are a lot of people still not investigating. This situation is sad. Decentralized things are beautiful while their misuse is a lot. Investing in research while trying to be more free can cause more upset.

The new investor can be protected by verification or various security measures without restriction of freedom.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Using information aggregators for miscellaneous information and real-time data analysis sounds great. So it's like Dextools. They have partnered with a platform like Coinmarketcap where almost most trading pairs are available. This takes DEXs further.

We need easy-to-understand and transparent information. It is impossible for us to do these things on our own. For this reason, the Dex collection comes up with a visibly successful business model. Exchanges love collecting Dex. Because it provides a nice user experience. Things are heating up in this race. In this way, investors can make more efficient investments by making the right decisions.

Thanks for the article and information.

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Thanks for the useful update and infos. I'll dig into these Dex tools!

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Nice Article Paragism

Thanks for posting :)

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DEXTools It is a super formation on which you can follow all the happenings with its graphics.

You can instantly view new pairs on dexes, receive alerts for new pairs, and understand whether the token is safe with the dext score.

If you are trading on DEX, it is the tool you must use.

A decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, 1inch is an app that lets you scan decentralized exchanges and find the best price. Running the v2 update in November 2020, 1inch receives pricing information from 21 different decentralized exchanges along with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and presents it to users.

Newdex is the first EOS-based decentralized exchange in the world. It was created with the vision to support secure, fast and transparent features, create a next-generation platform for digital asset exchange, and move the industry into an ideal age.

Newdex runs on the EOS mainchain with the highest TPS in the world and adopts "Matchingoffchain, Dealing on chain" mechanism. It is on its way to competing with centralized large exchanges. By the way, compared to centralized exchanges, Newdex has its own advantages:

1. Newdex implements blockchain technology and displays order information on-chain, thus making exchange data tamper-proof, transparent and real-time controllable, eliminating the possibility of trading below the table.

2. In terms of asset security, the platform keeps the user's private key clean. The user's assets are self-managed to avoid the operational risks posed by centrally managed assets, thus avoiding many risks.

3. Exchange accounts are decentralized and third-party authorization and trading is supported. There is no need for things like registration and deposit to provide users with an optimal operating experience.

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Newdex is gonna kill it with these features.

Good news for EOS!!

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I absolutely love Newdex! Sometimes I forget they are a DEX because of the streamlined experience and ability to place limit orders unlike the AMM guys. I believe that Newdex can rule this sector with a good expansion plan and support for other chains. Great article!

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