CryptoFinney on ETH Drop Details

10K generative and unique CryptoFinneys will be dropped on the Ethereum blockchain on Saturday, September 25th at 12:00 PM (UTC).

The cost to mint will be .06 ETH + GAS with a limit of 10 Finney’s per transaction. There will be no presale/whitelist so plan accordingly.

The mint location will be

100 CryptoFinney’s will be pre-minted and used strictly for promotional purposes.

All CryptoFinney artwork is created by living legend and former Warner Bros game artist, Jon Trafford. CryptoFinney on ETH will feature 200+ unique attributes, 5 custom-themed Finneys, and 2 levels of upgrades.

Following the launch at a time TBA, CryptoFinney upgrade mechanics will be activated. Burn any combination of 3 Finneys and receive a BareMetal Finney. Burn any 2 BareMetals Finneys and receive an animated UnicornFinney.

Looking forward we are extremely excited to continue to build community, utility and the Finney brand. Some of the utility you can expect to see for CryptoFinney on Ethereum…

  • Upgrades / burn mechanism

  • Claim drops

  • Dynamic backgrounds

  • Access to physical books & merch

  • Exclusive Discord channels

  • Finney DAO voting

  • 16 bit platform game (long term goal)

Finney is blockchain agnostic and we see the future of NFTs and crypto as a multi-chain world. We also see Finney as a comic-book hero born out of the NFT space, and will open up control of his brand and story over time to the community.

Join his community now on Discord

Read his story Finney Vol. 1 - Immutable Journey