Sep 21, 2021Liked by Cryptowriter

hahahaha perfectly designed finneys, especially walter white. I hope cryptofinney succeeds

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Sep 21, 2021Liked by Sean Ballent, Cryptowriter

wow that Vitalik Finney is SICK! I cant wait for the drop.

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Nice and fun things to do. I hope he succeeds. Slow and steady steps....

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Sep 21, 2021Liked by Cryptowriter

Is it Heisenberg I'm seeing? Art of Finney fits in almost everything I can think of.

Excited for the Saturday. Let's go!

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they are really beautiful. One-on-one for the collection. I hope it explodes. Everyone is waiting for this. Thanks for the info.

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Looking forward to this! Excited to see it very successful.

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Finney is my favorite community ... It has been an honor to be a part of it for 6 months now, Following & Learning about Finney's journey and the journeys of all our community members. No community out there is so fun and friendly with constant stimulating conversation and debate all built around a love for all things Crypto & Art

I'm excited for this next chapter in the Finney story LFG!!!!

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If I'm getting more and more excited with every new innovation that comes true, it's because I love this community and the story. Indeed, I have never come across such a community, even except crypto. That's why I feel lucky. I sincerely want your success.

There is nothing to say about the designs. As always! You make us feel more and more every day that you can do more.

I'm so excited for Saturday and I'm looking forward to it!

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Now there's a good reason to use the Ethereum network. Finney looking goooood!!!

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I am very excited and happy for this wonderful collection.

finney NFTs are really awesome

I admire this art.

I would also like to express my gratitude to our artist Jon Trafford.

The whole team is doing a great job and they have great future plans.

I wholeheartedly believe in the finney creators.

Sorry, I guess I have to make a confession.

As much as I am happy, I am also sad.

Unfortunately there won't be an eth finney nft.

With the pandemic, my work has completely stopped.

all theaters have been closed for over two years and I cannot work.

and unfortunately i couldn't get eth.

but the good news is i convinced two of my friends to buy these awesome eth finneys.

this will be their first nft.

anyway finney will be successful and her future plans are great, and I'm so happy to be a part of this family.

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Oh dang this is do dope!

I need some Unobtanium !!!

No need to say I'm extremely HYPED on this!

LFG! September 25th FINNEY NATION!!!!

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